8 Unknown Anger Management Skills

Anger Management skills
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Do you Know that anger management skills plays a great role in solving family crisis? Do you also know that with these skills you can better have a good relationship with your peers?

If you don’t know that then you’ve got a great lesson to learn here.

Introduction to Anger Management

Anger Management can be seen as attitudes or activities put in place to control bitterness or acrimony.

Anger Management skills have to do with the patterns or strategies employed to harness attitudes that help in controlling hostility.

People do not know that even without going for anger management classes there are things they can do to control themselves from being hostile.

When someone is angry, he or she can do anything regrettable.

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Being angered completely locks an individual outside human reasoning and he can do anything irrational.

To explain the above, when someone is angry, his ability to reason like a human being will be lost at that moment. If he is unable to control his anger, he will end up destroying something.

89% of actions carried out in an angry state of mind are regrettable. That in a nutshell means that whatever you do when you are angry, there is a great possibility that you will end up regretting it when you finally realise yourself.

Have you been so angry to the extent you find it difficult to control? In this post, I shall point out some of the things you can do to manage anger situations.

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8 Unknown anger management skills

Like I said earlier, people do not know that there are things they can do or are doing already that assist in anger management. These skills work great even without going for anger management classes and so on.

1. leave the environment

If you realise that the weight of your anger is uncontrollable, I would advise you to leave immediately.

You won’t know the good you will do for yourself if you eventually leave the area. The more you hang around, the more you get irritated.

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Try to leave so that you get yourself distracted from what is getting you upset.

You might feel like you’re a coward. It’s better to be a coward than to do something you will forever regret.

Leaving the environment at the time you are provoked is a great skill of anger management.

Utilize it and you won’t have anything to worry about. Or let me say that it is the safest way of controlling anger.

2. Intentionally wet the floor

This might sound crazy but it is another perfect anger management skill.

The only thing is, try to find something that can distract you from what got you upset.

Pouring water on the floor intentionally and cleaning it enables you to remove your mind from what got you upset.

Water poured by another person will get you more aggravated. Make sure that the water you are cleaning was poured by you.

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While you are cleaning it, your attention is redirecting to what you are doing no longer what got you angry initially.

3. Watch comedy videos

You and I know the role comedies play in anger management.

If you are sad, you need comedy videos to cool yourself. Feel free to visit many platforms to cool your head.

YouTube, TikTok, Facebook videos, etc are great places you can watch comedy videos and any other kind of videos.

Nekenwa TV is yet another great channel you can watch comedy videos from.

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4. Changing topics also adds to anger management

A topic that got you angry is not worth continuing. Learn to change topics when you feel you are becoming angry.

If you notice that the person you are discussing with is getting angry, a rational individual will immediately search for a new topic completely different from the tabled topic.

5. Sleep

Some people might refuse this point as a tragedy for anger management. Well, I am not short of the fact that not everything works for everyone.

What works for you might be different from what works for me.

Sleeping helps you to forget about certain things, especially things that get you upset.

Some might ask, what happens if you can’t sleep? The best alternative is leaving the environment.

6. Get Busy

Another strategy for anger management is getting yourself busy. You can try cooking, sporting, entertaining yourself etc.

The simple idea is, make sure you get yourself busy whenever you are upset.

7. Avoid Eye contact

Have you provoked someone and you noticed the person is directly steering into your eyes with outrage?

If you maintain the same eye contact with that person, it will mean to that person that they are not remorseful of your actions.

It is also important that you avoid the eyes of the person that got you annoyed. The more you look at the person, the more you get angry and ready to do something nasty.

Avoid steady eye contact when you are provoked or made angry.

8. Stop talking

The more you talk when you are provoked the more the hormones that secret bitterness increases. And when this happens, there is a great tendency that you will end up doing something that you might regret.

The simple advice is to stop talking and walk away.

Some authors will tell you not to harbour it in your mind but to unleash it the way it is bothering you.

The truth is that experiences have taught me a lot. The more you respond to what is provoking you, the more you are pushed to acting irrationally.

Other ways to Anger Management

If you think the above-mentioned anger management skills do not work for you, then you can try the obvious solutions.

  • Go for anger management classes
  • Meet a Counselor


Anger Management skills are notable skills you must acquire as an individual if you must live in peace with your neighbours.

The best skill to the above-mentioned skills to anger management is stepping out or leaving the environment. This skill enables you to completely forget about what got you upset as you are greeted with a fresh new environment.

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