Adding pictures in posts makes posts cool and welcoming to the sight of the reader. To make it clear, a blogger blog allows you to add images to your post.

It will also interest you to know that on many occasions, images speak louder than write-ups. That is to say, in some posts, the image you use must have concluded at passing the information to the reader.

To add an image in a blogger blog post is quite simple. And doing it, you don’t need to be a coder. That is to say, you can import your pictures into your blogger blog posts without having any knowledge of coding.


Have you been searching for how to add a picture to your blogger blog? I’ve got you covered in this short but comprehensive post.

So let’s get started on how to add an image to a blogger blog

How to add an image to blogger posts
Import images in blogger blog post

Log in to your blogger blog account and locate the post you want to edit.

Find and click on the drop-down menu button which is located at the right top bar represented with three dots.

A simple way to add an image in blogger blog
Locate the three dots

The next thing to do is to click on the image icon which is the second icon from the left.

Image in blogger blog
click image icon

You will have to click on the area where your desired image is found. The drop-down menu has four options; “choose from computer, photos, Blogger and URL”.

Adding an image in blogger post
Locate Area where your image is saved
  • Choose from Computer: here, it simply means that you should browse through your computer and locate the folder where your image to be uploaded is stored.
  • Photos: Photos is a Google application (mostly for Android phone users). It gives you access to your pictures in your Photos application. You can add your desired image from here.
  • Blogger: if you have once uploaded an image in any of your posts, the blogger saves it in case you want to use such an image next time.
  • URL: Do you have the image you want to upload in your blogger blog stored elsewhere? The URL requires you to get the link to the image. When you paste the link of the image here, the image you copied its link will appear immediately.

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Let’s continue with how to add images to blogger blog

After you have chosen the path where the image is located, the next thing to do is choose the file (that is if you are using the ‘choose from Computer‘ option).

Having achieved that, you are now in an environment where you can locate the picture you are looking for.

Select the image you wish to import and click on the ‘SAVE‘ button after it must have finished loading.

Adding image in post
Click Save after the upload is complete.

Boom! Your image is successfully added to your blogger blog post.

Image in posts
Your image is uploaded

Hope this was helpful.

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