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Witches of the Black Moon shall arise at the 1 a.m. hours of that day.

The Oracle had warned no one stepped out at night during the time the witches would be out for a hunt.

Even parents had listened to the voice of the Oracle but Donald was just tired of the molestation.

The witches from the Black Moon have for long threatened the peace of Biafra.

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Story of witches of the Black Moon. A must read horror story.

Every three months in twelve months the witches from the Black Moon go about at midnight seeking for whom to suck his/her blood.

If they were unsuccessful they would end up breaking into a home to find fresh blood. The truth is that they can’t come empty-handed and still go back into the handle.

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Donald was tired of the continuous living in fear. He had met some of his friends who claimed to be fearless but they turned him down.

In some cases, they even mocked him and called him names.

Everyone has gone to bed just like the Oracle had instructed but Donald remained outside to confront the switches when they appeared.

The cloud was changing and the Moon gradually changed colour. The moon changed from white to black making the illuminated environment dark.

Donald was noticed fidgeting but he encouraged himself to see to the last of what was to happen that very night.

He started hearing voices that were coming in doubles as if it was echoing.

A woman sitting on a flying long broom flies past his hideout and senses a human around.

She gave a sign to others who also perceive the scent of a human being.

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Why they searched for him, he kept on withdrawing to avoid being caught.

“There he is!’ shouted one of them pointing at Donna’s hideout.

Quickly Donald took to his heels and they went after him.

While he was running, he remembered that there was no amount of race or speed that could lead him away from the witches of the black moon; he then decided to face his worst fears.

The witches of the Black Moon surrounded him and he was holding his sword.

One of them attacked him and he flipped the matchet and cut the witch from her flying broom.

“He has Angel’s blade!” the leader of the witches exclaimed. “Run! for your lives she commanded and the whole witches fled for their lives.

It was morning and everyone came out to know or hear from the family that the evil witches had sucked from.

To their greatest surprise, it was the body of a witch divided into two.

So instead of a human body is on the ground, it was the body of a witch.

The news of the death of one of the witches of the Black Moon circulated the entire Biafra land.

Donald was made a hero who has made a change ever since the feast of the witches started.

Many men had risen to fight against the witches of the Black Moon but never succeeded.

With Donald, there is hope for the people of Biafra.

Since the defeat, confusion had set in in the innermost part of the moon where the witches of the Black Moon lived.

The Queen mother of the witches was furious as it was her mistake for not retrieving the blade from her most deadly adversary.


It was 1,000 years ago when the blade of magic was forged by Biafra’s greatest sorceress.

The sorceress goes by the name Angel. Angel was the strongest woman Biafra ever had.

Though her powers were not a match for the Queen mother of the witches.

Therefore, she passed all the powers into the sword which she used to fight the witches.

Angel killed so many witches of the Black Moon but was defeated by the witch’s Queen mother.

She fell to earth with the sword.

Her body pieces as it crashed on the earth surface, and the sword went missing.

Years have gone by and witches kept on multiplying. 

They attacked the Biafra community every 3 months every year.

For more than 13 centuries Biafran land has been under the subjugation of the witches.

In the era of Donald, the only surviving bloodline of Angel has found the sword of his forefathers but never knew that it was the sword in the prophecy.

The night he was able to defeat one of the witches, the same night he realised that he had a calling.

He now has the sword of Angel which comprises the spiritual powers of his forefathers.

His life is now at stake as witches of the Black Moon have set out to hunt him down.

Witches of the Black Moon Attacks Again

It is another night and people for some days now are freely working at night because they believe that they finally have a solution to their problem.

The witches attacked again and the people scampered for their lives. 

Left to fight were Donald and a few of his friends who have now summoned the courage to share in his heroic moments.

Each of them attacked the witches but the witches had no time for them because they only came for one person.

Donald was their major target. the Queen-mother had instructed them to bring Donald to her alive with the sword of Angel. 

After all his defences he was still brought to his knees and taken to the Queen-mother of the witches.

He was heavily chained and the Queen-mother laughed as she believed that victory had returned to her.

Donald thought to himself that if truly he is a descendant of Angel and of course her last bloodline, definitely it means that he has powers to command things.

The Queen-mother raised the sword to cut him and immediately the chains came for his protection.

He has finally regained his freedom from the chains and how he got back this sword from the Queen mother remained unknown.

She was surprised at how the sword was taken from her and quickly commanded her army of witches to attack him. 

He destroyed all of them on a single strike. the Queen-mother of the witches was shocked by such powers.

While Angel’s power lies in her hands, Donald’s powers lie in his thoughts. Everything happens the way he thinks.

It was a fierce war in the innermost part of the Moon where the witches of the Black Moon harboured.

The moment Donald defeated the Queen-mother, the once Black Moon assumed its normal colour.

Rain that has ceased for 13 centuries fell for the very first time.

 People ran for their lives as they had never seen such a wonder. “Can it be possible for water to fall from the sky?” They never stopped asking.

All eyes were fixed in the sky as Donald returned to earth in glory.

The Oracle thanked him for saving the entire Biafran land from the witches of the Black Moon.

He was made ruler of the kingdom and the sword of Angel remained his only symbol of authority.

After the war, Biafra never experienced any form of witch attacks anymore.

Growth and development surfaced and people lived happy lives. 


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Witches of the Black Moon (short story)