Without trust in a relationship, such association will lose focus.

However, it is well….understood that no relationship can function effectively without trust. Understanding fully well the importance of trust in a relationship, it is worthy of note that trust is also very dangerous to every union.

I have to make something clear here, I am not against you trusting your partner. If it is possible, trust him or her but always be equipped in case of any disappointments.

That trust is dangerous to a relationship does not mean it doesn’t have positive effects. What is more important is that you find out which is best for you and follow it.

If you are so in love with your partner and you think that you can trust him or her with your life, well congratulations but it is very risky.

Why People Shouldn’t Be Trusted in a Relationship

The dynamic nature of man has made it very difficult for one to trust their fellow human.

Someone who promised to give you something today is likely going to disappoint and when that is done, you hate yourself for hopping on that person.

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Trust is a very difficult thing to build and when it is built, only a tiny mistake is capable of destroying it.

It is true that everyone pushes for a healthy relationship except the bad ones that prefer jumping from one man or woman to the other.

What You Can Do If You Cannot Trust Your Partner

It is too sweet to trust someone and the person becomes your worst enemy if he or she breaks the trust.

In order to avoid this kind of situation, it is better you don’t trust him with the reason of him or her being human and as you know, humans change at all times.

You can be in a simple relationship with someone but never let your guards down. Loose guarding yourself is enough to make yourself vulnerable to heartbreaks.

Short Story

There was a fire outbreak somewhere in New Jersey, all occupants of the building had evacuated the building apart from an eight year old boy.

His father was already on the ground telling the boy who was stuck on the first floor to jump.

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The boy was so confident because his father was the one telling him to jump. He believed that if he jumps, his father will catch him.

He jumped and his father acted as if no one was jumping.

When the boy landed on the ground, luckily enough he did not sustain any injury. He battled his father for not making any attempt to catch him while he tossed himself from the first floor of the burning building.

His father told him that in this life, he should never trust anyone, not even him.

It’s well understood that the man did something wrong by not helping the child when he jumped from the building.

Signs he is no longer interested in the relationship

But is also important we understand that his father used that opportunity to teach his son a lifelong lesson which is never to trust anyone no matter how close they are.

Why Lack of Trust is Advocated

1. Avoid Being Heartbroken

Lack of trust in a relationship will help to prevent being heartbroken.

This is possible when you know fully well that there is a great tendency that your partner might change in attitude one of these days.

A knowledge of this equips you to be ready for any possible relationship casualties.

Talking of heartbreaks, there was a time in my university days.

During those days I prefer reading my books at home especially during examination period.

I finally got a girlfriend who to me was the best in the universe.

I trusted her so much that I could do anything for her.

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Exams were fast approaching and she insisted I come for night class (the moment when we read together at night in the school premises).

I tried to come up with excuses on why I can’t make it for the night class.

She insisted I come and I had no alternative than to go for the class.

It was around 10 in the night and she told me that she was no longer feeling comfortable and wished to retire to her hostel.

I was mad that very night. How can I come for a night class against my will and she is leaving me all to myself at the mercy of cold, dark and irritating buzzing of mosquitoes.

I thought she was kidding not until she packed her stuff and left for her hostel.

It was too late for me to retire to my lodge because it was very far away from the school.

That single act alone broke my heart and of course brought to the end of a relationship that I have nursed for more than four months.

2. To Avoid Untimely Death

Lack of trust in a relationship can also save you from untimely death.

I have heard of cases where people get heartbroken and die in the process.

What makes you think that people die as a result of heartbreaks? It’s because they got disappointed. Some they trusted with everything broke that trust.

3. Better Understanding of Partners

This is also very possible because you are open to knowing the true nature of the person you are dating.

When you don’t trust your partner you come up with the assumption that there is a possibility of him/her changing as time goes

4. To Avoid One-sided Love

One-sided love is obtainable when a partner gives in 80 percent of his/her attention in a relationship more than their opposite.

In order to avoid this (i.e to achieve equal attention), you must stop trusting your partner.

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Trusting your partner means that you care so much about him/her and when this happens, he/she will start treating you differently from the way you treat him or her.

I have seen it happen and it is still happening.


Lack of trust in a relationship helps to save a lot.

Like I pointed out earlier, that trust is dangerous to a relationship does not mean it doesn’t have positive effect.

What is more important is that you find out which is best for you and follow it.

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