Why Goats Stopped Attending Catholic Church is a short children’s story. It is created for entertainment purposes so please disregard any form of familiarity. The story is not intended to degrade any religion or whatever.

The reason goats stopped attending Catholic Church

The goat is an active Christian and a staunch Catholic at that.

In the Catholic church, the goat had belonged to almost all the associations that make up the church.

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In the choir, he was the choirmaster. There is no Catholic song that you will raise that the goat won’t know from beginning to the end.

He is so much loved by the parishioners. Irrespective of his fame in the Catholic church, the Catholic priest had not recognised him.

His intentions have always been trying to come up with a way of making himself known to the priest.

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Though the Catholic priest knows him as a parishioner in his church but it is as much as the goat needed.

The goat wants exceptional treatment from the priest that is why he is always coming to church early and almost everyday.

During the homily (preaching) the goat will be seen walking around in the church.

He is also a churchwarden in the Catholic Church.

The goat and the lamb are two great friends that nothing in this world can ever put aside.

During one of their conversations, the goat invited the lamb to the Catholic Church.

The lamb refused his offer as he is a hardcore pentecostal.

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After much pleading, the lamb accepted to follow his goat friend to his church.

This was the first time lamb went to the Catholic Church.

Getting ready for the Catholic Church

The lamb has already finished his house chores and visited the goat so that they can go together.

For a long time, the lamb was waiting for the forever busy goat.

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After he finished with what he was doing, the time for Mass was already coming to an end.

The goat apologized for keeping him (lamb) waiting.

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They both left for the Catholic church and walked very fast too. You might ask the reason for walking very fast. They are running late for the mass so they need to hasten up.

When they got to church, consecration had already started.

Immediately they entered the church, the priest said “behold Him the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world,…….”

The goat was so mad at the sound of this. How can the priest recognize the lamb for the very first time?

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After the mass, the goat refused to utter a single word to his best friend.

The goat perceived him to be a destiny snatcher and decided to cut off all relationships he had with the lamb.

The story continues after Advert

At the comfort of his bed, the goat was buried in deep thoughts.

“All my life I have been working for the Catholic church both under the rain and the sun but the priest never recognised me” he complained.

“The lamb is not a Catholic and yet, he was recognised for the very first time he attended the church. I am tired”.

“I shall no longer attend Catholic Church again” the goat beat his chest and laid back on his bed.

The end.


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