What to do before applying for adsense

Every new blogger wants to apply for AdSense and start making quick money.

It’s cool because, among many other Advertising Networks, AdSense is one of the best.

Google owns AdSense that makes it super cool and okay when having the intention to apply for monetization.

Irrespective of the fact that AdSense also encourages sites with little traffic, joining the platform has never been easy.

To become a partner in Google AdSense is only simple and easy for those who know what it takes.

This is the exact reason why I am sharing this story/post.

Using one AdSense

Even though you have millions of websites and you prefer using AdSense to monetize all of them.

That’s super welcome but you cannot apply for more than one AdSense account.

This is the reason why you have to very careful about what you post because any AdSense policy you against in any of your blogs will affect other blogs.

AdSense and YouTube

Do you have a YouTube account and also a blog? You do not need to apply for different AdSense accounts because one is enough for all of them.

This is yet another reason why you should only post contents that are truly your own and does not go against YouTube community policies.

As AdSense is own by Google so is YouTube.

Their policies on both platforms are completely not different from each other.

Using AdSense for Blogspot

Are you using the free blogspot.com platform to share your content online?

Are you wondering if Google or AdSense will accept you if you apply?

Well fear not, at least for now, Google has not banned people from forming the free blogspot.com domain to advertise for them.

The only problem here is if you have a YouTube account that is active with AdSense.

If you have already embedded your YouTube channel to AdSense then it will be difficult to add your free Blogspot blog to the platform.

To be able to add the AdSense in your blog when you already have a YouTube channel added already in your AdSense you will need a custom domain.

My story when I applied for AdSense

I have applied for AdSense more than twenty times (20x). When I said twenty times I mean it.

All the while I tried applying for the Ad Network, I was always rejected.

I brought my case to the community forum to see if anyone has a solution for my problem.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, one funny thing about Google is that they won’t tell you where you have gone wrong that made them reject your application. And this goes a long way in frustrating your aspiration.

Back to what I was saying, so I brought my case to the platform and one was able to reply to my message.

First of all, he asked for my website and I shared it with him.

After going through my site he pointed out some of the possible reasons why my site was continuously rejected.

So below, I will point out some of those things he found in my blog that he concluded could be the reason why AdSense rejected my application.

Why AdSense Rejected my application

1 Pornographic Content

He told me that my account was filled with very much pornographic content and these are serious against their terms of use.

2. Navigating my site

According to him, it was very difficult for someone to easily find what he was looking for on my site.

3. Blog Pages

To apply for AdSense he told me that I needed to have necessary blog pages like; Privacy Policy, About Us page, etc and this he did not find in my blog. Avoid looking down on this point because it gives AdSense 40 percent reasons why they should accept your blog.

Don’t also forget to add in your privacy policy that you use advertising networks like AdSense etc.

4. Inappropriate Content

Also, he made mention of contents not appropriate for some ages. A good example he talked about was the very many posts that were not conducive for some people like a post where its images are people dying, or a building collapsing, child abuse, etc

5. Posts with low words

Applying for AdSense I need to also ensure that I shared information that very good knowledge of not writing scanty information and publishing hoping for a better turnup. He encouraged me to write at least posts ranging from 500 words and above.

Simple things to do before applying for AdSense

Having read the above then here are the things you seek:

  • Have relevant blog pages (privacy policy page, about us page, terms of service, etc
  • Easy to use interface (where people can easily navigate through your website)
  • Stop customizing your blog while you wait for your AdSense application to be approved.
  • Always boost new contents
  • Avoid plagiarism (copying and pasting other people’s works.
  • Avoid pornographic contents
  • Do away with copyright materials (images and videos).
  • Don’t apply for AdSense when your blog is still very new. Go ahead to apply after one month of launching your website.
  • Publish posts with 500 words and above.
  • Don’t share sensitive contents (image of child abuse, house collapsing, the pool of blood, posts that are not conducive for the senses like raw accident scenes, etc)
  • Avoid racial discriminatory content or hate speech.

I have been able to list at least 10 things you must avoid before applying for AdSense monetization.

If you check very well, you will notice that you have fallen short of one of the rules listed above.

So why don’t you delete any of the posts causing that and try touching your blog structure once more for a better result?

How I got my AdSense application approved

You may wish to know how I finally got the approval.

Now, after putting all those stuff (the above rules) in place, I then decided to delete all my posts which totaled about fifty (50).

I decided to start with storytelling. I wrote about fifteen (15) fictional stories and decided to reapply for AdSense.

Three days later, I received one of the happiest messages of my life. AdSense had finally accepted me into their platform.

Do you know what it means to be accepted into AdSense?

After many trials finally I prevailed.


I understand fully well that being rejected a couple of times from this Adsense advertising network can be somehow frustrating.

If only you can put into consideration the points I mentioned above, trust me you are good to go.

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