Video: The Moment Kcee Showed Up at Oba

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Among the many celebrities that graced the burial was Kcee.

The whole of Anambra stood at a standstill witnessing the groundbreaking burial ceremony of Obi Cubana’s mother.

Kcee is a prominent hip-hop star in Nigeria. In recent times, Kcee has diverted his singing styles.

Gospel songs sung in the Igbo language are converted to Igbo cultural songs without mixing the lyrics.

The Obi Cubana mother’s burial was the talk of the town.

Those who attended the burial testified to the fact that the whole of Oba was unpenetrable.

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Several celebrities and billionaires that were seen at that burial made the whole world know that truly the Igbos are one in a kind.

Speculations are going around that the Nigerian government is making plans to borrow money from Obi Cubana.

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The moment the musician came in, one of his latest songs was played to make the occasion more lively.

Obi Cubana went further to share the video of him, Kcee among others on IG.

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It will also shock you to hear that the whole monies that were spread at that burial were more than fifty million nairas.

The arrival of Kcee at the Obi Cubana mother’s burial added more spice to the occasion.


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