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To heal a broken heart takes a long time but you still need to do certain things to facilitate the healing process.

Many perceive heartbreaks as something that ends a romantic relationship. Some experience heartbreaks due to depression, disappointments etc.

In this post, we shall walk through some of the activities you can engage yourself with while the healing process is facilitated.

Tips on how to heal a broken heart

1. Watch comedy videos

A typical opposite of sorrow is happiness. Heartbreak relegates you to being sad and overwhelmed by sorrow.

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Getting involved with the opposite of that which makes you sad is just the best way of fighting your sorrow.

The best weapon to a problem is when you fight it with its opposite – Mamoh Charlton

2. Read books

Reading books completely different from what broke your heart also helps in taking your mindset away from it.

You can try reading books on myths, culture, politics etc.

There are a lot of books out there that can help you take your mind completely away from what caused you a broken heart.

Please note that while you are looking for books to read. I mean books that can help you forget about your problems. You must stay away from books about romance if you were heartbroken by a romantic relationship.

Fighting fire with fire is like adding salt to an injury – Nekenwa Saviosantos

3. Take a walk

To allow your heart to heal I will also recommend taking a walk.

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Try and take a walk so that you can be able to free your mind completely from what is eating you up.

While you walk on the roadside, happenings around will bring up new thoughts which will be completely different from the cause of your heartbreak.

4. Visit places

Still in the process of giving your heart an opportunity of healing, try and visit places.

It can be a museum, zoo, or any tourist centre you can think of.

If there is no financial strength to take care of this, you can easily go to someplace where you can forget about your heartbreaks.

Is better that I remain in a noisy house and be safe than in a quiet room where I will become the real enemy of myself. – Nekenwa Saviosantos

5. Hasten the Healing By Seeking Professional advice

Another way of helping yourself heal from a broken heart is by seeking the attention of professionals.

Some people are relationship gurus. Such people are worth listening to and seeking advice from them.

6. Make a Decision That Helps Heal a Broken Heart

I will never encourage you to make decisions in the heat of a broken heart. Only make decisions when you know that you are in the right frame of mind.

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These decisions have to do with how you wish to live your love life when you have recovered.

7. Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is another important thing that must be done while the healing process is going on.

When we are in our early teens, if we misbehave, our parents will spank us as a way of correcting us.

To get back at them, we reject food given to us even when we are very hungry.

Well, that is a childish mindset. What makes you think that your parents will feel hurt when you reject their food simply because they corrected your wrongs?

Back to what we are discussing, stop hurting yourself because you are heartbroken.

8. Self-compassion Also Heal A Broken Heart

Stop blaming yourself for what has happened. To allow your heart to heal, you must stop blaming yourself for allowing yourself to be loved by someone.


A healing broken heart takes a short and or a long time to complete its healing process.

While this is going on it is advised you support it by doing one or two activities.

These activities help to take your mind away from those things that make you feel sad.

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Tips on How to Heal a Broken Heart