Thief bathed with feces and urine after being unlucky

A thief was bathed with feces and urine after he failed to steal anything.

It was in the early morning of Sunday when Janet stood up to go flush her stool.

Though the toilet and bathroom were blocks away from her room.

While she headed to the toilet to go flush her stool, a young man on bussers tried to force himself on her.

Unlikely for the thief he was bathed with Janet’s feces and urine.

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The thief was bathed with urine and shit after Janet had no other way of saving herself.

Neighbours have complained about how a thief always comes at night to steal some of their vital properties.

Some even claim that the thief usually wears bussers and when he comes to the window, he burns the net of the window with a lighter.

Windows are usually left open as a result of the hot night and the heat that occupies the room at night after a hot day.

Unfortunately for the thief, according to Janet he never expected what happened to him.

Janet’s Story

“I woke up very early in the morning so that I can prepare for mass (church)”.

“The environment was very calm just as expected. As I was going to the toilet to flush my stool, immediately the thief tried to grab me”.

“I tried to shout but couldn’t find my voice so I bathed him with the feces and urine”.

“Immediately I poured him the shit and urine he quickly ran for his life and I also believe that some of it entered his mouth”

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“Because while he was running for his life I noticed he was heavily pouring spit as if something had entered his mouth”.

The neighbours gathered in the morning to hear Janet’s story and all were happy about the outcome and never stopped laughing when they remembered that he was bathed with both feces and urine.

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