People gathered to sympathize with the Lion King over the death of his grandson.

Tears of the Lion King was uncontrollable when his grandson died

It has remained a taboo for the king to be noticed or seen shedding tears.

Such a sacrilege has never happened for many decades.

The tears of the lion king brought about an unending downpour on the village of Haiti.

Enemies of Haiti have taken it upon themselves to bring down the reign of the Lion King.

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They know fully well that the only way to succeed in their evil mission is to make the king cry.

Tears of the Lion King were so important to them because of their evil desire to assume the throne of Haiti.

The love the Lion King has for his grandson was so enormous that he boasted about it.

His enemies knew about it so they decided to go after his grandson.

The Plot Against the Grandson of the Lion King

Herold, James, Helian and William gathered at the basement of Helian, the Special adviser to the Lion King on security matters.

He advises the king on issues relating to security and also has control of the king’s army (to an extent).

The plan to assassinate the king’s grandson was perfected after a long deliberation by the enemies of Haiti.

Gwarri Jr, the grandson of the Lion King, despises the escort of his army.

He prefers to walk, work and on his own without the aid of anyone.

On many occasions, the Lion King had warned him to move around with his guards but Gwarri rejected his grandfather’s advice.

He loves to live a simple life. A life where everyone sees each other as equal.

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People hardly believed he was the grandson of the king not until some of his guards came to inform him that the king demanded his attention.

People were shocked at the sight of this. The young man who acted as a lowlife was the grandson of the king.

How Gwarri Jr Became the Successor of The Lion King

You might wonder why the grandson of the Lion King was so loved and became the Heir to his throne.

The lion had only one son through Elena. Princess Elena was a mermaid from the Sea of Eden. 

Unknown to the Lion King that he was in love with a mermaid.

He got her pregnant and the truth about her true identity surfaced.

Though the love between the Lion King and Elena was much more than the taboo that has befallen Haiti.

The gods laid a curse upon the Lion King and Elena.

The Lion King was cursed to become a real lion while Elena shall die at childbirth. Their child shall die on his 40th birthday.

And it all happened as the gods had cursed. King Thomas became the Lion King.

Elena died in childbirth and Prince Gwarri died on his 40th birthday. Though he had a son through his girlfriend who was a prostitute.

They fell in love on the day Prince Gwarri went to the stream to have a cold bath.

Not knowing that someone was already in the water even after his guards had thoroughly cleared the area.

She never knew what was going on on dry land because she was in the deepest part of the water.

When she came up, behold, the Prince was taking his bath.

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The guards took her for immediate execution but were stopped by the Prince.

He fell in love with her and that was how their love tale began.

He took her to the Lion King, his father, and the king gave them his blessings.

At 23 the Prince married Elizabeth and she became the Queen of Haiti.

Just like the gods had cursed, Prince Gwarri died on his 40th birthday.

His wife, Queen Elizabeth died two weeks after the death of her husband. 

Prince Gwarri Jr was left under the care of the Lion King.

He was raised to become the new heir to the throne of Haiti.

Prince Gwarri Jr was raised in a way of royalty but his mother’s bloodline spoke more of him.

His mother (the late Queen Elizabeth) was from a very poor home before she met Prince Gwarri at the Haiti stream.

She engaged in promiscuity to help raise money for her entire poor family.

The king gave an order that no one on no account should refer the Queen to as a prostitute.

Prince Gwarri Jr did great at helping the poor, making them feel important and stood against injustice especially against the poor.

The Lion King loved his grandson so much that he was ready to lay down his own life for him.

Plans To Assassinate the Young Prince of Haiti

As Herold, James and others concluded plans on how to eliminate the grandson of the lion king, Herold commanded the royal warriors to accompany the young Prince to his maternal home.

As usual, the Prince refused to go with any guard but his grandfather insisted he went with soldiers as an escort.

The king so much trusts the security skills of his security adviser. Gwarri Jr hates to see his grandfather plead for anything. 

The Lion King was visibly going to his knees to beg his grandson to have an escort for the journey.

To avoid that he quickly obliged to go with his guards to his maternal home.

He set out for the journey to his maternal home. He insisted that he won’t travel with more than twenty soldiers.

At the Haiti Mountains, the boundary between Haiti and Haaraa, his convoy came under attack.

Fifty assassins attacked his convoy. They killed everyone and when they came to his carrier, he was no longer there.

They searched all parts of the mountains but they didn’t see anyone.

The grandson of the Lion King was nowhere to be found. Even Helen, his chief security, was also nowhere to be found.

Helen was black from a black family. She joined the Prince’s security details after showing her skills on many occasions.

She has protected the Prince from falling off the cliff, she also saved him from taking food that appeared to be poisoned.

All these attempts on his life were curbed by Helen. She was made his Chief Security Officer since she is more skilled at protecting the Prince from danger.

To become a guard in the royal family you must swear an oath to protect the royal family at all cost even when your life’s on the line.

She was the reason why the Prince survived the attempted murder.

How He Survived the Assassination

When the convoy approached the mountains, Helen noticed unfriendly movements on the mountains. She quickly rode closer to the Prince’s horse (carrier).

When the fight started in full force, noticing the numerous assassins, Helen was forced to extract the Prince and hid him for safety.

They escaped into the nearest forest and the assassins followed to ensure the Prince was dead.

Prince Gwarri Jr was left with Helen and must follow her commands if he must stay alive.

While they hid in one of the big trees in the forest, the assassins said to themselves “let’s return and tell Herold that the job was done”.

The young Prince now knows the brain behind his assassination attempt.

There is nothing he can do especially now that his life is at stake.

They wandered in the forest for days eating meats hunted by Helen and drinking from running waters they came across.

The Lion King is Sick

Hearing the news of his dead grandson, the Lion King cried so heavily.

Tears of the Lion King caused heavy rainfall. It was taboo for the king to cry no matter what happened.

He must be dethroned after rituals are made to appease the gods.

The great Lion King cannot control the state of his health any longer. He fell sick and this kind of sickness created a very big puzzle for his physicians.

The greatest physicians of Haiti tried all they could to cure the king but all their efforts proved worthless.

They concluded that the anger of the gods was upon the king that is why he can’t respond to treatments.

 The lion was lying unconsciously on the bed awaiting any miracle that could bring him back to life.

He is not yet dead but no one can attest if he would ever survive the anger of the gods.

Herold is to be Crowned King of Haiti

Since there is no one to take over the throne of Haiti, Herold was voted to assume the kingship of Haiti.

His coronation was fixed for the next two months and if the Lion King doesn’t wake up, he will be buried.

Helen and Gwarri Jr fell in love in the forest. Funny enough they were caught in the process of lovemaking.

The warriors of Haaraa got an intelligence report that strangers were walking about in their forest.

Irrespective of the fact that she was naked Helen was still ready to defend the Prince who is now her lover.

Gwarri Jr calmed her down and tried to use his ego as a Prince and quickly they seized him.

They arrested him and his new lover.

The king of Haaraa who was a great friend to the Lion King got the info that under his custody was the Prince of Haiti.

He quickly called for his release and he rendered his apologies for keeping him in prison.

After getting the information about how he got to be in his land, the king decided to keep his knowledge about the young Prince a secret.

At the palace, Prince Gwarri Jr and his lover made love on countless occasions while they planned on how to return to Haiti.

Herold’s Coronation

The eyes of the gods have instructed that immediately Herold is made king, the great Lion King should be buried.

Plans about his coronation were finalized and the great Lion was brought to where he was to be buried (cremate).

As usual, at the sound of the third thunderclaps, a new King shall be installed.

The third sound refused to come up and people at instant noticed that something was wrong.

While the native doctors continued with their incantations so that the third clap would come up, Gwarri Jr appeared from nowhere with Helen.

The whole village was surprised to see that the once dead Prince is back to life.

To increase the people’s astonishment, the great Lion King has awoken from his eternal sleep.

The Prince instructed Herold to be arrested as all that happened to him were all his plans.

Without wasting any time the soldiers seized Herold.

The Lion King hugged his grandson deeply as he thought that he had lost him.

The truth was forced out from Herold and he alongside his culprits was arrested.

And they were burnt alive for treasonable felony.

The land was cleansed from the impending danger that awaited because of the tears of the king.

Prince Gwarri Jr got married to Helen who became the first black Queen of Haiti.

They gave birth to a beautiful princess and they named her Elizabeth.

The Lion King died and Prince Gwarri assumed the position of the new King of Haiti.

He decided to be called The Lion King II.


Actors in the Story of the Lion King

Lion King – King Thomas

Prince Gwarri –  King Thomas son.

Elizabeth – Prince Gwarri Jr mother (promiscuous wife of Prince Gwarri)

Elena – King Thomas girlfriend that gave birth to Prince Gwarri

Prince Gwarri Jr – King Thomas grandson who became Lion King II

Helen – Prince Gwarri Jr Chief Security Officer who later became the wife of Prince Gwarri Jr.

Elizabeth – Daughter of Prince Gwarri Jr.

Herold – Chief adviser to the king on security kingdom enemy (1)

William – kingdom enemy (2)

James – Kingdom enemy (3)

Helian – kingdom enemy (4)

Kingdoms – Haiti and Haaraa


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