The South Africa protest has led to a lot of looting and what have you.

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South Africa flag

The president of South Africa has even deployed the military to checkmate the issues.

According to the BBC, the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for people to “stand against violence”.

This was in response to deadly unrest triggered by the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma.

The unrest began as protests against Zuma’s jailing but has escalated and broadened.

Mr Joseph Ozaka has raised alarm on how his girlfriend looted his properties in his absence.

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According to Mr Joseph, he said that the protest was never good.

Mr Joseph’s Story

“The protest in South Africa honestly has caused me a lot”

“I ran straight to my shop to ensure that my shop was well locked and not looted”.

“On my return, the woman I left at home looted my home”.

“She packed all my expensive clothes and left me with just the clothes I’m wearing right now”.

“I thought I had someone left back at home to take care of my house in my absence”.

“The woman I left at home was indeed a Thief but this I never knew”.

“Even though I did not join in the South African protest, I can’t deny being affected”.

“I planned on taking this girl to the altar to be my wife but unfortunately, I can’t have a thief as a wife”.

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“She is evil and thinks that she can render me helpless”.

Mr Joseph had wanted to report his girlfriend to the police but was discouraged.

He said that his friends told him not to bother himself because it was an event that took place during the protest.

Police, according to him, will not listen to him. They might even want to get him arrested thinking that he is one of the protesters.

The South Africa protest has led to lots of injuries and disastrous activities.

People, according to the president, should desist from violence to avoid the full wrath of the government.

Issue of South Africa Protest

In South Africa, the issue of rioting has claimed a lot of lives and loss of properties.

Though the president of the country is calling on his fellow country men to shun violence.

He has made this request to avoid the wrath of the government.

What Led to the protest

Initially, the former South Africa president, Jacob Zuma was invited by the federal police for questioning.

It was about the mismanagement of public funds.

The former president has refused to honour the Court’s invitation on countless occasions.

An order was given for his arrest and that started a serious riot in South Africa.

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