Marrying a Masquerade: Shocking story of Emelda

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Nobody would ever believe that I ended up marrying a masquerade.

So I was coming back from the farm on Saturday and masquerade was on a rampage.

I never knew that the masquerade was already outside running around looking for whom to deal with.

So I did my best to see to it that I hid from it not knowing that the masquerade had already seen me. 

Before I could know what was happening from where I was hiding, it acted as it did not see me. 

It passed my hiding position. I stood up to check if the masquerade had gone far away.

What I experienced was beyond any human imagination.

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The masquerade started flogging me from behind. It flogged me to the extent that I never knew where I was again.

The only thing I did then was to run for my life. 

It kept on attacking me until I got to my house.

When it noticed that I was getting close to my house it stopped and went its way.

My mother came back from the market and saw me crying.

The wound on my body was enough reason why I should be crying. 

She was like; who did this to you and I said to her it was Nmowu.

The masquerade otherwise known as Nmowu did it to me.

My mother was filled with rage because the kind of wound this masquerade gave to me was so alarming.

She decided to calm herself down until the festival was over.

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Two weeks after the festival, my mother took me to Kenneth’s house.

Kenneth is the young man behind the masquerade.

He flogged me because I rejected his proposal. He has asked me to be his girlfriend but I refused. 

As a result, he decided to use that festival as a vengeance opportunity.

So when he responded to our call, before he could say anything my mother had unleashed hell on him.

My mother beat the hell out of him until he became unconscious.

It was then he realised that my mother is in the military.

If she had invited her other military friends, sorry would have been his name.

So she didn’t bother to call her colleagues because if she did those people would have ended his life.

To avoid that, she decided to deal with him by herself.

I suspected the case was taken to the kingsmen.

“Why must my mother attack one of the well-respected men in the society? That was the question they were asking.

After explaining all that transpired between myself and Kenneth the elders had no other option than to ask me to go.

Kenneth was forced to pay some amount of money for bringing out the elders over a crime he knew was at fault.

They told him that if he was in love with a woman there are better steps to follow.

Walk up to her and tell her about your feelings if she refuses it means she never loved you.

Kenneth did not stop at that. He said that he must take up to the higher authorities. 

He went ahead and invited the police into the matter and my mother was invited to the police station to come to make a statement.

The case was so serious at the beginning but finally died off with the reason that my mother was doing everything possible to protect her child from being molested by an idiot. 

So finally we went home free.

Since that time Kenneth has never crossed my way again.

People in the community now respect themselves. Nobody is ever ready to come to touch any member of my family to avoid what happened to Kenneth repeating to them.

you still cannot believe that finally, I married Kenneth. Honestly, that’s the truth, I’m married to Kenneth finally.

So every day we tell our children the story of how we met and how our family has always had issues because of what he did to me back then.

At first, I told them how I ended up marrying a masquerade.

My children were shocked to hear that I referred their father to be a masquerade.

They finally understood that marrying a masquerade I mean when their father was still wearing a masquerade attire to terrorize ladies.

Though I was scared Kenneth would be a bully if I ended up marrying him. But I came to realise that he is the best husband in the world.

I was only scared at the infant days of our relationship but as time went by I came to realise that I’m in love with the masquerade.

I was truly in love with a masquerade that dealt with me when I was still growing up.


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