In a live video captured by Biafra TV, members of the IPOB UK prays under the rain.

They were spotted praying and worshipping God under the rain.

As the case of the able leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu draws near, members have flooded the streets.

Sorrow filled the hearts of well-meaning Biafrans at the news of Kanu’s rearrest.

On the 17th of June, 2021 Nnamdi Kanu was allegedly kidnapped by Kenyan authorities.

After eight days of torture, they handed him over to the Nigerian authorities.

Nnamdi Kanu was illegally brought back to Nigeria.

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Kanu travelled to Kenya with a British passport and was arrested with the view of being a terrorist.

When the Kenyan security operatives realised he was not who they thought he was, they handed him over to Nigeria.

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Since this extraordinary rendition took place, Biafrans all over the world have gone on a daily protest.

The recent protest which got the attention of the world was where IPOB members were praying under the rain.

IPOB members believe that no one can save Nnamdi Kanu at this material time if not God in Heaven.

Kanu has suffered enough at the hands of the Nigerian government.

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First, on the day he was supposed to appear in court, soldiers were sent to his house to kill him.

Kanu escaped the evil attempt but unfortunately, people died defending him.

As if that was not enough, the Nigerian government claimed that Kanu jumped bail.

When the case seemed to have been dying off with all hope that Kanu was dead, he resurfaced in Israel.

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The Nigerian government stood up again with their evil agenda to destroy him.

IPOB UK prays under the rain, God is aware

They wrote to the Israeli government to repatriate Kanu back to Nigeria but were ignored.

Israel proved to Nigeria that unlike them, they are a civilised country.

Nnamdi Kanu who is a Biafran and also a British citizen travelled around the world making friends and gathering people to support his course for Biafra freedom.

This has gotten Nigeria mad as the young man is busy creating strong forces against them.

Through Nnamdi Kanu’s radio broadcasts, Nigerian leaders found it very difficult to travel abroad.

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On his rearrest, it was as if their problem had been solved.

Unknown to them that Nnamdi Kanu has a God that can never fail.

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That God is the God that created mankind. He is the same God that members of IPOB UK are calling upon.

They know the importance of God in the life of every individual and especially to Nnamdi Kanu.

This is why the IPOB UK Prays under the rain so that people will know that they serve the True Living Father.

Kanu has never started any of his broadcasts without praying to God Almighty.

With these outcomes, it is then necessary that God is aware of what is happening.

And He alone knows the best way to solve the problems of His children.

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