How The Insurance Company for Cars Came to His Rescue

Insurance Company for cars

His life came back a whole new the moment the insurance company for cars came to his rescue.

And who told you that insurance companies are not doing marvellously well in their functions?

The best thing one can do for himself is to insure his life or any of his valuables.

When my uncle was about to insure his car in an insurance company for cars, my father criticised him.

My dad made fun of him and wondered if he was praying for anything bad to happen to his new car.

Daddy told him that going to an insurance company to insure his car is just a way of wasting his money.

Well, my uncle was about to be discouraged but his wife told him to go ahead.

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I have lived with them for some years now so nothing happens in that house that I am not aware of.

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My daddy and my uncle are like best friends unlike when they were growing up.

Daddy will always tell me about how he fought almost every day with his kid brother while they were kids.

Now that they have grown up and also married, no amount of pressure can make them denounce their love as brothers.

He made fun of my uncle telling him that he has never stopped this being his afraid lifestyle of his.

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My dad will always point out how scared my uncle used to be when they were kids.

He will hide at the back of my dad when he is in trouble or scared.

Each time daddy reminds him of their childhood, they will both laugh over it.

My uncle on the other hand will remind him that it was the duty of the elder to protect the junior.

Honestly, I enjoy it more when my uncle and my dad are reminding themselves of their childhood.

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My Uncle Insuring his car with an Insurance company for cars.

He approached me one day after buying his new car. He told me how he has nurtured the desire to ensure his new car with an insurance company for cars.

Without any waste of time, I supported the idea. To strengthen his conclusion, he sought my father’s opinion. Well, you and I know what my father told him.

My father completely discouraged him from registering with any insurance company.

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He said that giving his money to any of the companies is just like asking for rainfall during the dry season.

Thank God for the kind of woman my uncle married.

She was quick to canter my dad’s opinion on the matter.

She tried to tell my uncle how important it was for him to ensure his car with any insurance company for cars.

My dad concluded that the only reason why my uncle is doing this is that he is always scared.

Right from childhood, according to my father, my uncle is the type that gets scared easily.

My uncle decided to go for his wife’s advice by going ahead to register the car with an insurance company for cars that is very close to our house.

The Unfortunate Happened

It was Saturday and the new car had developed a little fault.

We needed the car for tomorrow’s church service. My uncle took the car to his mechanic for a proper check-up.

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A few hours later, a call came in from St Andrews Hospital. The caller at the other end broke the sad news.

He told us that he was calling from St. Andrews hospital and Mr Thompson (my uncle) was hospitalized there.

Without any waste of time, since I am the only person at home, I rushed down to the hospital

.My uncle’s wife wasn’t around. I refused to call her at that material time so that she won’t have a heart attack.

She came back from the mall where she went to buy some stuff and called me.

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I told her that I was not feeling well and was currently in St. Andrews Hospital.

She asked what they said was wrong with me. I told her that the doctors refused to tell me and only my family members should be aware for now.

By that time, I believe she might have tried calling my uncle and his phone was off.

Nothing happened to my uncle but according to the doctor’s report, he is currently unconscious because of the shock he experienced from the accident.

I wouldn’t want to break the news to my uncle’s wife so that she won’t have a heart attack.

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She is currently suffering from heart disease. Telling her about her husband’s current state of health might worsen the entire situation.

My dad was the first person I called when I got to the hospital and thank God, the hospital did not call his wife earlier before calling the family phone number.

She came to the hospital and was surprised to see me sitting alongside my parents.

She sat down and held me, trying to know what was wrong with me.

Daddy broke the news to her that actually, I am not the person who was hurt but her husband.

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She was surprised and I was feeling her hands gradually leaving my shoulder.

Before he continued, my father calmed her down by telling her that he is fine and currently sleeping.

They told her the complete story of how her husband got to be in the hospital. Thanks to God for the way the case was presented, else, we would have had another patient in the hospital.

I know how deeply these two love birds love themselves.

The story continues after AdvertIf anything other than how it was narrated happened to my uncle, no one would have known what could have become of his wife.

My uncle had a ghastly accident and his car was damaged beyond recognition.

As God may have it, my uncle survived the accident without a single scratch.

The Insurance Company for Cars Did Their Magic

My uncle has recovered from his ailment and also started his usual morning walkout.

While we trained around 11 am, a Siena car drove into the compound and it was people from the insurance company.

They sympathised with my uncle over the accident he had and for losing the car he insured with them.

The people from the insurance company for cars gave him a check as a payback for the car he insured with them.

Honestly, it was a very joyous moment for the family.

My uncle had called them earlier and informed them about what he had passed through.

He went to their office upon invitation and fill out the necessary documents and he finally invited them over.

Those people came while my father was in the house.

After they presented what they came for, my dad followed them out.

We all went to the door side to hear what he was telling them.

Guess what, my dad asking for the modalities it will take him to insure his car.

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Wait, I thought he was initially not interested? Oh, he has now seen the importance of ensuring his valuables.

When he came back we all laughed and he had no other option but to confess that he was in the dark all these years criticising the importance of insurance companies.

A Few weeks later, my uncle bounced back. He bought a new car and still insured it with the same insurance for cars.

The end.

Now you have read and understood the importance of ensuring your valuables, are you still in doubt? Honestly, insuring all your valuables is a great way of averting risks.

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