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How to Make Someone Disappear in Premiere Pro

How to make someone disappear in premiere pro
Premiere pro workflow

To make someone disappear in premiere pro is one special effect that is cool to learn.

Making someone disappear in a video is a very simple trick that many up comers find difficult.

Premiere Pro which is usually represented as ‘Pr’ is a powerful video editing tool.

With premiere pro, you can achieve lots as a movie editor.

Feel free to download The premiere pro application from Adobe.

So do you want to make someone disappear and you are stuck on how to do it? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

How to Make Someone Disappear 

To make someone vanish in a video it starts from when and how the video was/is recorded.

When you have achieved this you can then finish it up in Premiere Pro.

Steps to Record Disappearing Scene

1. Mount Your Camera on a Tripod

The first thing to do when shooting a disappearing scene is to ensure that your camera remains still.

Camera shaking will make it look unprofessional and noticeable.

So to avoid letting people understand that there was a trick done you must set your camera on a tripod.

If you don’t have a tripod you can use any other thing available. What is more important is that you don’t allow your camera to shake when recording the disappearance scene.

2. Record The Scene

You have successfully achieved the first step which is getting your camera still.

Now, record what you want to disappear.

IMPORTANT PART: When you are done, don’t be quick to cut or stop recording. Allow the camera to record the empty set where the object you want to disappear. That is, the empty scene you want to see when your object or character disappears. After three seconds or more you can now cut or stop recording.


How to make Someone Disappear in Premiere Pro

Welcome to where you get the whole job done. I like I told you earlier I shall see you through the very easy steps to follow.

You are done with your video recordings now let’s get it edited and fun to watch.

Launch Pr: launch your premiere pro application and import your just recorded video.

Trim/cut: trim or cut out the action part and allow a little bit of the last empty scene.

Having done that when you tap the space button to play, you will notice that your object or character just vanished.

Congratulations you just made someone vanish in your new video.

Now feel free to add your effects and sounds as it pleases you.

Summary of How to Make someone disappear in Premiere Pro

  • Record your video using a tripod or anything that can hold it still.
  • Allow continuing recording the empty scene for another 3 – 4 seconds.
  • Import recorded video to Pr and cut or trim out unwanted areas.
  • Allow one second of the empty scene
  • Add effects and sounds (if you so pleases)
  • Export video
  • Enjoy your new video…..

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