How to Import and Export Videos in Premiere Pro

How to import and export videos into Premiere Pro has been a lot easier.

Are you interested in starting a new lifestyle via movie editing and you want to start with Pr?

It’s great to have you on board. Premiere Pro is editing software that has lots of tools that will help you master professional video editing.

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For you to perfectly know how to edit videos in premiere pro you must be open to learning.

Learning video editing using Pr is never easy but will be when you are head bent to learning.

Let me not bore you with long discussions that seem not to be related to what we have for today.

For a quick and easy understanding please watch this video.

What is video Import and Export in Premiere Pro?

Video import is a way of bringing in files from their original folder to the editing software.

Video import helps the video editor to be able to have access to a video which he/she wants to edit.

While Video Export is the ability to render or send out files from premiere pro presumed to have been edited.

That is to say, an exported video has passed through the editing procedures and is now ready to be shared.

Why is Import and Export Necessary

Just like I pointed out earlier, you can’t have access to changing the make of a video if it is not edited.

So for you to be able to add different sound effects, soundtracks, titles etc, you need to import a video.

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After adding these aspects (title, effects etc), you can have access to watching it, only when you export the video.

That is to say in a nutshell, for you to have a video different from the way it was recorded it has to be edited.

This editing can only happen when you import and export videos into the Premiere Pro.

How Videos can be Imported and Exported in Pr

Importing a video

Follow the steps below to import a video in Premiere Pro.

  • Click on ‘file‘ which is seen at the top left side of your PC.
How to import and export videos in Premiere Pro

  • Find the file you wish to import and click on it.
  • Locate and click ‘import’
How to import and export videos in Premiere Pro

Your file is successfully imported into the Pr editing software.

Alternatively, you can import a video clip by simply pressing ‘Ctrl+I’ on your keyboard.

When you press that button, a new window containing your files will open. Feel free to select the file you wish to import into the software.

How to EXPORT video in Pr

It is understood that you have finished editing your new video. Now is the time to get it out there for people to watch your hard work.

Follow the steps below to export your already edited video.

  • Locate ‘file‘ which is found at the left top corner of your computer.
click on file to start exporting the video
  • Scroll down to locate ‘Export.
Click on export to start exporting the video
  • Click on Media
Click Media to start exporting
  • Click export
Click the export video

Invariably you can quickly export an already edited video by pressing ‘Ctrl+M’ on your keyboard.

Wait for some time and your video will be ready for the world to watch.

NOTE: the time a video spends to export solely depends on the size of the video, the strength of your PC and other factors.

Ensure that when exporting a file, your system is not overheating to avoid crashing on the process.

Search for your newly exported video by tapping the windows button and entering the title of the video.


How to import and export videos in Pr is never a difficult thing. That is if you followed this guild religiously.

Click on file-import-(find the video) to import.

Click on File-Export-Media-Export to Export the file.

Invariably you can press Ctrl+I to import and Ctrl+M to export.

If you have any confusion or more questions please leave us a reply below.


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