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Are you looking for ways on how to earn respect from people? I’ve got you covered in this post.

Have you ever wondered why people don’t respect other people? It could be a result of the way they presented themselves.

Respect is one great thing every person craves for. 

Even little children and adults would want to be respected.

The question is, what exactly are you doing to earn this respect.

To gain respect doesn’t come so easily. It has to be earned. Earning that respect is what we want to discuss in this post.

How to earn respect from people

1. Be Serious with Yourself

Do you want to earn respect for yourself? How do you treat yourself? You have to answer this question correctly before any other thing.

You have to be a serious type. Not at all times, you are always playing.

Get serious with yourself and things around will start falling into place.

Imagine a situation where you allowed yourself to be abused by children. What do you expect if not to be treated the same way?

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I recalled some time ago when one of my friends complained to me that his little brothers don’t respect him anymore.

From my interview with him, I realised that he is always joking with these kids.

The children are seeing him as their playmate that’s why they treat and talk to him anyhow.

I told him to control the way he plays with them so that he can regain his respect from them.

2. Be focused

Someone who is focused on whatever he is doing also earns respect from his colleagues.

People who see you as someone who is focused on whatever he is doing will find it difficult to insult you.

3. Earn Respect from People by Being Honest

Honesty is simply being true to oneself in all situations you find yourself in.

You would find out that how you deal with people and occurrences would be spectacular in the way that your results or outcome would not differ.

When an individual is honest, he gains focus, insight, and a deeper understanding of life and the world at Large.

An honest person wins great respect for himself/herself.

The moment people start seeing you as one whose Yes is his Yes and who’s No is No, that’s the moment they start respecting you.

To earn respect from people you must be an honest person.

4. Respect and Earn Respect from People

You can’t ask for people’s respect when you don’t respect theirs.

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They said respect is reciprocal. What you do to others so it shall be accorded to you.

Someone who respects the rights of other people will always be loved and respected.

5. Uncompromisable

To earn respect from people you must be uncompromisable. 

There was a time a student met one of my lecturers.

The student came so that the lecturer would manipulate scores for him and so that he could pass his course.

Unfortunately for the student, the lecturer walked him out of his office and gave him a stern warning to stay away from his office.

That lecturer is so muchly respected by every member of his department.

They know him as someone who is uncompromisable and can never be.

To win respect from people you must avoid being compromised in any sort.

6. Appear Decent

Decency is a very powerful tool that attracts respect to itself.

Just like the saying that says ‘The way you are dressed is the way you are addressed’ honestly, it is the truth.

On many occasions, the kind of cloth you wear determines the kind of people that talk to you.

It also helps in curbing unnecessary insults and what have you.

So do you want to be respected? You must checkmate your style of clothing.

A woman who dresses decently can never be treated like a woman who dresses half-naked. The same is also applicable to men.

7. Don’t talk too much

Last but not least is to avoid talking too much.

Learn to control the way you talk both in public areas and in private activities.

The more you talk, the more you realize that you are talking off point.

Take your time to think about what you want to say. By the time this is done, you will realize that you are talking from a well-constructed mindset.

People would always want to listen to you because they know that you don’t talk anyhow. And each time you talk, one must learn something different from it.


Earning respect from people is a very simple thing you can achieve. The question is, how prepared are you to go about it?

To earn that respect from people you must work for it but it shouldn’t be a difficult task anyways.

Try and put into practice all that we have discussed and seen the change.

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How to Earn Respect from People Consciously