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How to Cut A Video in Premiere Pro

How to cut a video in premiere pro has been so lot easier these days that lots of people never knew.

Cutting a video in Premiere Pro is lots easier than you can imagine.

Because of the nature of video editing and how expensive editing software has become, many aspirants have lost interest.

I can never discourage you from learning how to edit films because it pays a great lot if you know what you are doing.

Have you finished shooting your video and you are wondering how you can cut the video.

Don’t worry in this post I shall walk you through on how you can easily cut your videos without stress.

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Watch this video for easy understand.

Why we cut videos in premiere pro

Cutting a video is necessary so as to remove unwanted parts of a movie clip.

The cutting of videos is one of the things that make video editing much interesting.

People find it more interesting to watch videos that are well edited. That is to say, a well-edited video attracts and retains viewers’ attention.

It should also be noted that a video that is badly edited can give rise to a loss of interest in video watching.

You can also imagine watching a video you bought from the market and you heard “ACTION“.

That is very wrong. This is the reason why the cutting is necessary for a video editing.

Premiere Pro made it available for people to freely make use of cutting button to remove unwanted clips.

There are two ways to trigger the cut icon which you use to cut videos Premiere Pro. What I call the;

  1. Long way method
  2. Short way method

1. Long Way Method

The long way method of cutting videos in Premiere Pro involves scrolling or moving the cursor to locate the Cut Button or icon. While;

2. Short Way Method

Involves the use of shortcuts to locate or trigger the Cut Button or icon. To do this just press the ‘C‘ button on your keyboard. The cursor will change to a ‘razor blade’.

Steps to cut a video in Premiere Pro

  • Launch Pr application
  • Import your video
  • locate the unwanted area and right-click

Difference Between Cutting and Trimming

To cut a video is quite different from trimming a video.

Trimming is only used at the beginning and end of a video.

While with the cutting button you can split any part of the clip.

When the cursor is dropped at the beginning or end of a video it changes shape and becomes red.

When it out from the clip’s end or beginning, it assumes its normal shape and color.

While you can use the cutting button to split a clip into segments, the trimming tool is used to adjust the beginning and or the end of a clip.

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