How My Abandoned Cat Saved My Relationship

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How an abandoned cat saved my relationship

The abandoned cat remained in the basement till my relationship came back working. A big kudos to my cat for saving my relationship.

So I went to the basement with Heels, my most precious cat, to study.

He has been my companion ever since my relationship crashed.

Heels went about wandering in the basement while I got concentrated on what I was reading.

I have been trying to find a solution to a pressing need. The solution to this problem lies in-between an old book my father left with me.

This book has remained with me for a long time. An issue had occurred and I needed to find a solution from the book.

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Searching the entire house to find this book remained fruitless.

After searching the entire sitting room which appeared to be fruitless, I decided to extend my search to the library which is located in the basement.

My cat followed me to search for this book. While it wandered about in the basement, I received an urgent call.

The call needed my urgent attention and I quickly ran out of the basement forgetting that Heels did not come out with me.

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My cat was abandoned in the basement unintentionally.

On my return, I noticed something special was missing. I kept on thinking what it was and my mind snapped to Heels.

Quickly I opened the door and ran straight to the basement to find him.

On reaching the door to the basement, it was already open.

That was unnatural. “I remembered locking the basement so how come the door is open?” I thought to myself.

When I went inside, my ex-girlfriend was already sitting and playing with my abandoned cat.

“And what do you think you are doing with my cat?” I asked forcefully take the cat from her.

Surprising, Heels forced himself out of my hands and returned to my Ex.

Heels have already developed a love for Geraldine more than it did for me.

“I came to see you then I noticed that the door was open and no one was in”. She said carrying the abandoned cat again.

“I was about to leave before hearing a sound from the basement. On trying to know what the noise was all about, it was the abandoned cat trying to force himself out of the locked basement” she concluded.

“Now that you have succeeded at saving my abandoned cat, do you mind letting him go now?”

The cat still refused to follow me. And this remained a surprise to me. For two years I’ve lived with Heels, this is the first time he is resisting me from carrying him.

How I Broke Up With My Ex

It happened on one Saturday morning six months ago when my elder sister visited.

We are so fond of each other that we play so closely.

If you weren’t careful enough you would end up declaring her my girlfriend.

My ex came that same Saturday and when she saw me playing with my elder sister, she fumed.

Without allowing me to explain anything, she ended the relationship.

Let’s say, jealousy was the exact reason why my relationship ended.

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Back to the Abandoned Cat saga

Now she is apologising for her nonchalant attitude. The worst aspect is that my cat has refused to come back to me.

“Babe, I am sorry,” she kept on apologising.

Though for more than six months that we separated, I have never stopped loving her.

Those days when we separated were indeed bitter moments for me. The truth is that I’ve never been my real self.

We reconciled and now happily live together as husband and wife after two months of the abandoned cat saga.


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