Happy birthday sister in law. An indeed sophisticated sister in law

What happened After Saying Happy Birthday Sister In law got me confused after I met my wife crying.

Saturday was a set-aside day to celebrate my sister in law who has been more than a family.

She planned to celebrate her birthday at her residence so she invited us (me and my wife).

During our wedding, she gifted us with a car. Should I say that that was the best wedding gift I and my wife got during our wedding.

We cannot turn down her birthday invitation because we know how important that day is to her.

My wife and I thought of what to get for her as a birthday gift.

Irrespective of the car she gifted us on our wedding day, she still supports us.

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My sister-in-law has been the one taking care of almost all my financial issues ever since I married her younger sister.

She even went as far as giving us one of her flats to live in.

She is a landlady in one of the finest compounds around the vicinity.

My wife always tells me she is surprised that her elder sister could be doing all these.

I was shocked to hear that her elder sister who is now my sister in law never helped the family in any way ever since she started acquiring enormous wealth.

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Everything changed when my wife introduced me to the family that I was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

But that shouldn’t be a problem now. What is more important is that she has changed completely.

Our wedding was last week and my sister-in-law is about to celebrate her birthday this weekend.

We kept on thinking about what could be the best item to get for her on her birthday.

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Honestly, it was as if our brain was locked as nothing ever popped up for more than three days.

Finally, we finalised getting her a fine expensive wine and a small set of jewellery, the type a woman would love.

Though we knew in advance that that stuff can not be equated to the kind of money she has.

Well, I believe that a gift given from the innermost part of the heart is far better than the one given with unhappiness.

Saturday was very close and it was as if I and my wife were the ones celebrating the birthday.

Happy Birthday Sister In law: the D-Day

D-Day has finally arrived, my wife and I have already travelled to her house.

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The mammoth crowd that came to celebrate with her was something else.

People of different calibres with different flashy cars graced the occasion. 

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Honestly, this woman was the epitome of good living.

The birthday celebration started around 6 pm and lasted from 1-2 am.

Everybody gave their gifts and went back home. My wife and I decided to stay back at least if not for anything but because we are family.

I even forgot to tell you that she insisted we passed the night at her place.

After saying happy birthday sister in law and giving her my gift, she stood for a while looking at me.

I thought I was wrongly wearing my shirt, this one she is staring at me.

And my wife did not notice it before we pulled out of the house in the afternoon?

This has once happened before. After our wedding last Saturday, on Sunday which was supposed to be our thanksgiving Sunday, I wrongly wore my shirt.

I never knew that the cloth was worn wrongly. The inner part was on the outside and the outside was on the inside.

It was this same sister in law of mine that told me that I was wrongly wearing my shirt.

Maybe my wife was so excited that she didn’t realize to checking on her husband.

But why am I blaming my wife for a mistake that was all mine? Please forgive me. Let’s return to our story.

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So while she stirred at me, I asked her if all was well and she immediately recognised herself and apologized for stirring.

My wife was already fast asleep and because I was not feeling sleepy, I decided to relax in the sitting room watching TV.

My sister in law also claimed she was not feeling sleepy and brought a bottle of wine.

Though I have had enough because I wouldn’t want to ruin her day, I agreed to join her in the late-night drink.

It was my very first time taking alcohol, and soon I lost consciousness of the happenings around the environment.

The Next Morning After My Sister In Law’s Birthday

After wishing saying happy birthday sister in law, the next morning was Sunday and we were supposed to prepare for church service.

I woke up and realized that I had slept off on the cushion.

Searched around and my wife was nowhere to be found. Luckily enough, my sister in law was coming out from her room.

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I asked my wife’s whereabouts and she told me that my wife had gone home.

“What!” That was the only word I could think of. How can she leave without me?

All was not well. I quickly wore my shirt which was lying close to me.

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Wait, I could remember I was still wearing my shirt last night so how on Earth am I half-naked?

Well, that is not important. I need to know why my wife left for our house without thinking of waking me up.

From my sister in law’s house to my house was a twenty minutes drive.

To my greatest shock, I met my wife in tears packing her things.

Seeing her in this situation completely threw me off balance.

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How come a woman that followed me to her sister’s birthday comes back home all by herself and is soaked in the pool of tears.

“Sweetheart, are you okay?” I asked.

“Don’t you dare to touch me, you casanova” she blasted.

That was horrible. How can my wife liken me to a Cassanova?

“Honey I don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t you think it is wise enough to at least tell me what is going on here?” I advised.

“Don’t pretend to not have an idea of what I am talking about?” she said amidst tears. “I thought I got married to the best man in the world but I never knew that I got married to a philander” she fumed.

This is becoming something more serious. I decided to calm myself down and started thinking of what I did.

The first time I had sex was with anybody was during my 200 level in the university and she was the woman I lost my virginity to. And after that time, the next time I had sex was on our wedding night she is still the same woman I had sex with. So where are these casanova and philandering statements coming from?

“Babe, you of all people know that I have never cheated. You know everything about me so why are you doing this?” I queried.

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“I wished you and my sister the best of luck” she concluded and left with her properties.

I tried to stop her but she threatened to do something foolish if I dared to come close to her.

Went Back to My Sister In-law

I was so bothered about her last statement of going on with her elder sister.

What happened at her place? I never stopped wondering.

I tried to task my brain to at least recall why I woke up half-naked this morning. “I hope it is not what I am thinking,” I said to myself.

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Quickly I entered the car again and drove back to my sister in law’s place.

I badged into her house and met her sipping a full bottle of red wine.

“I know that I am not supposed to be doing this but because it is very urgent and demands a serious response, please tell me, what happened between us yesterday?” I asked, looking more inquisitive.

“What happened? Do you mean you never knew what happened? Even on the way, you were shouting at the top of your voice begging me to do you more?” She said, sipping the last drop of wine in the glass cup.

None of these things she said made sense to me. ‘Do me more’ what is that all about. I begged her to clearly explain what she was trying to talk about.

“Okay we had three rounds of sex this morning” she claimed.

“What!” I couldn’t find any other exclamation if not that one.

“Sex! With who, you? Chimooo!” (‘Chimooo’ is an exclamation in the Igbo language. It comes when you find yourself in a deep mess… it simply means ‘oh my God!’).

“Don’t act like you never enjoyed it,” she said.

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That statement was enough to break my first rule “never hit a woman”. I gave a very sound slap which also forced her to lose the glass cup.

It happened unconsciously but I don’t feel sorry about it. She ended up getting me drunk so that she could lure me into having sex with her.

Ordinarily, I can never have any sexual relationship with anyone outside my wife.

So after saying happy birthday sister in law the next thing that happened was making love to her. No wonder I woke up half naked.

When I will stop blaming people for my mistakes is something that I don’t know.

I decided to leave in order not to be aggravated the more.

Went In Search of My Wife

I moved from there to the village but I didn’t see her. I also drove to the homes of her friends but I didn’t see her.

When I remembered that there was a male friend of hers that she has been fond of right from childhood, I decided to go find her there.

James was her very good friend. They grew up together in the same neighbourhood.

My wife told me that they couldn’t marry because their blood group didn’t match.

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Because she was able to tell me all these things, James became a family friend.

I quickly drove to James’s house and as I imagined, she was at his place.

At first, James refused me from seeing my wife. I tried to control myself from doing anything to avoid increasing the pains of the already opened wound.

I calmed down and begged to see my wife. He realised how desperate I was. All I want is to just see her, he allowed me to be with her.

“Babe is sorry. None of what happened, happened with my knowledge”.

“She got me drunk and had her way into forcing me to make love with her”.

“I know am being childish for saying that she lured me into drinking alcohol and falling for her sex drive”.

“You also know how we have placed your sister in our lives”.

“Honestly, I never wanted to ruin her birthday by refusing to have that drink with her. You of course know that I can never cheat on you”.

“But you did,” she said from a broken heart.

“I know. It wasn’t intentional and I am sorry” I apologized.

“I never knew that saying happy birthday sister in law was the death of my marriage” I admitted.

The love that has existed between my wife and me is beyond anything this life could offer.

I love my wife and she loves me too. We reconciled and got back together again.

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I thanked James for being a helpful friend and is always welcome whenever he feels like coming around.

Because my marriage was very important to me, I decided to call for a family meeting where my wife’s parents are invited.

The sophisticated sister in law of mine was equally invited to the family meeting.

It was from the family meeting that we came to realise that she went ahead to lure me into sleeping with her so that she could get back at her younger sister.

According to her, all the men that fell in love with her went after her sister the moment she introduced them to her.

She became sick and tired of all these and decided to hurt her back through me.

Should I say that it wasn’t a small argument but thank God, the whole family problem was settled and the two sisters became friends again.

That’s the end of the story and thanks for reading.

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