Broke up With My Girlfriend on a Hot Afternoon

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The truth is that, I broke with my girlfriend that hot afternoon.

We came back home very happy and in high spirits. Nobody could believe that I would break up with my girlfriend.

Maybe after reading this story you will have to tell me if I did anything wrong for breaking up with her.

How I broke up with my girlfriend on a hot afternoon

How I Broke Up with My Girlfriend (the story)

Had enough time at New Owerri and also never stopped to enjoy the fresh air blowing through the beautiful flowers planted by the state government.

While we trekked feeling the natural breeze delivered by the flowers around, a car stopped ahead of us.

The driver was a young man dressed in a suit and appeared gentle. His outfit matched the Lexus Jeep.

He winded down his tinted glass and called for my girlfriend.

I couldn’t stop her from answering the young man because I believed it was her right.

While I stood about ten feet away from the car, my girlfriend went ahead to answer him.

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What they were discussing I never knew and never cared to know. I trust my girlfriend so much that I can even swear on her behalf.

The only thing I noticed was her mouth moving and smiling. Later I noticed she was dialling a contact on her phone.

Finally, the discussion was brought to an end after ten minutes of keeping me waiting.

The young man drove off and my girlfriend was just smiling at me while returning to where I was waiting.

“And why is your face like that?” She asked. “Well, he was just asking where he can find a good tailor, especially the one that made this cloth for me”.

Even though I was partially bothered about what they were discussing, I am now convinced my lady is the best in the world.

Our joyous moment never stopped even until after her discussion with that young man in a Lexus Jeep.

When we got home

She quickly rushed to the kitchen to prepare some noodles for us to eat.

Unfortunately for her, she left her phone on the desk.

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A text message came in asking her to wear her sexiest clothes because she will be having a great time tonight.

I didn’t bother to open the full text. The part I saw already passed the message.

When she came out of the kitchen I asked her if she had any place she felt like going.

She told me that her kid sister was sick and would want to be with her tonight.

That was the first time my girlfriend had lied to me. Whether she has been doing it before, this is my first time noticing.

I pretended not to have read the message sent to her phone.

After some time, I just lost my appetite even when the food was not ready.

Within me, I was so bothered about why she would be hiding from me about her going to a nightclub.

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Around 6 pm she left for her sister’s place as she claimed.

The next day, she came back around 1 pm and was looking so tired. The cloth she wore to her sister’s place wasn’t what she came home with.

This was one of the sexiest clothes I bought for her on her birthday.

“How is she?” I enquired.

“Who?” She queried.

“Your kid sister of course the one you went to visit,” I answered.

“Oh, she is fine now. Do you know that nothing was even wrong with her? She just called me so that I can be with her for the night” she concluded.

I smiled and reminded her about how younger siblings would always want to cook up stories only to have someone around them.

She also smiled and went to the kitchen to fix herself some meals.

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Her phone beeped again and it was another text message.

Behold, what I saw broke my heart. The message read;

Thank you for last night. Never had such several rounds all my life. Hope we do it again next time.

Mr Presh

Was dumbfounded when I read this message. Also tried to pool myself together and also tried to act maturely.

I copied the young man’s phone number and saved it on my phone.

Went to my Whatsapp application and tried to view the owner of the phone number. Behold, the owner of the phone number was the same young man in a Lexus Jeep yesterday.

He was also the person who sent her the message yesterday about her dressing up in her most sexy attire for the night.

I Finally Broke up With My Girlfriend

Breaking up with my girlfriend was becoming imminent.

When she came out from the kitchen, she sat in the dining room.

“Are you cheating on me?” That was the only question I could think of then.

She was shocked to hear me ask her that kind of question.

“Who is Mr Presh? Where were you last night?” I asked.

“Babe I don’t know what has come over you. Who is Mr Presh, and I thought I told you I went to visit my little sister” she defended.

“Don’t give me that crap. The same little sister of yours that I called last night and she told me she never knew anything about your whereabouts? How would you explain this text message?” I asked, showing her the phone.

She collected the phone from me and was shocked that I have now known her little secret.

“Babe I can explain,” she said. “We didn’t have more than three rounds. Please  I am sorry” she begged.

But wait, is she being serious? She didn’t have more than three rounds with him. So she was cheating on me after all.

Without further discussion, I quickly went inside and threw her stuff outside.

This was how I broke up with my girlfriend.

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Even though I feel sick for more than two weeks because the lady I trusted broke my heart, thank God I knew earlier.

It means I would have ended up getting married to a woman who won’t be satisfied with her husband.

I broke up with her and this whole thing happened on a hot afternoon after she returned from her nightclub.

That I broke up with my girlfriend this way what do you have to say about it?

Feel free to leave your critiques about my actions but I believe that what I did was the right thing for me to do.


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