Big Brother Naija Season 6 kicks off Live and Hot

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The sixth season of the popular TV show Big Brother Naija has kicked off.

As Big Brother Naija returns with its 2021 season 6 with the theme “Shine Ya Eye” many Nigerians are excited and are of great expectation.

The housemates (males) were seen entering the hall of fame to be followed by their female counterparts.

Big Brother Naija housemates are coming in
List of the men in Big Brother 9ja house 2021

The live TV show started five years ago in Nigeria. Since its inception into the Nigeria TV space, lots of people have been made celebrities.

Big Brother Naija welcomes the young men that are to fill in the house to be followed by their female counterparts soon.

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All Nigerians have turned their attention to the well-celebrated TV show. They are of high expectancy of what this year’s Big Brother 9ja show will be like.

The show accommodates every kind of lifestyle. It allows housemates to live their lives just like the way they do outside. The only difference between their outside life and life inside the house is that they will be monitored by cameras all over the place.

Who is the first person to leave the Big Brother Naija House?

People are already worried about who will be the first person to leave the house.

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Though the termination of an individual’s stay in the house is usually determined by the audience.

They will cast their votes and the person or persons with lesser votes will leave the house.

The question of who will leave the house first will be answered in due time. That, of course, will start by next month (August).

Indeed this year’s tv show will be a mind-blowing one as housemates are in to entertain the people.

The audience is advised to stay up to date because they won’t be ready to miss a single event for the world.


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