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My wife was beating her mother-in-law who doubles as my mother because she called her a prostitute.

It all happened when I came back from work. Upon coming down from my car, I was hearing my wife’s voice. It was as if she was in an argument with someone.

I took my time to lock the car then found my way into the sitting room. Shockingly, I saw my wife on top of my mother beating the living daylight out of her.

Immediately I rushed to pull her out. I grabbed my mother and quickly rushed her to the hospital.

A few hours later, my mother had regained consciousness. She told me to divorce my wife.

Within me, I was so bitter to see my wife beat up her mother-in-law. I tried to hear from my wife first before jumping to conclusions.

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On getting back home with my mother, Jane was already on her knees apologizing for her uncontrolled actions.

Later that evening, I called my wife and my mother to a round table meeting.

Round table meeting with my wife and my mother

My wife has never been cruel to me since we got married. What could be the problem?

I asked my wife what transpired between her and her mother-in-law.

Tearfully, my wife could not say anything then. My mother burst into fury. She told me not to be concerned with my wife’s crocodile tears.

I tried to calm her nerves down as the tears of my wife appeared uncontrollable.

Not distracted by her tears, I still wanted to know why she engaged her mother-in-law in a physical fight.

Amidst her tears, she was able to find her voice.

“Honey I am sorry” were the words that came out of her mouth.

“What happened?” I asked, appearing more agitated.

“Mama here” she started explaining amidst a stammering voice. “Mama called me a prostitute,” she said.

“What?” Was the word that fell off my mouth. From her explanation, I noticed that the cause of the fight was my wife’s inability to wash her mother-in-law’s clothes while washing mine and hers.

After hearing my wife’s part of the story, I asked my mother if all my wife said was true.

“Was she not supposed to wash my clothes?” Mother asked as if it was her right.

That statement alone made me conclude that my mother was at fault. And not washing her clothes was the cause of the fight.

“Now, I have heard your stories and please this should be the end of such a thing repeating itself in my house. Sweetheart, go and get our food ready” I told my wife.

My mother appeared to be surprised as my judgement wasn’t what she expected.

I left the two women to go freshen up while my wife immediately went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for everyone.

We ate the food without talking to anyone at the table. At first, my mother refused to eat, but my persuasion made her join us in the dining.

Later that night, I went to my mother’s room. I spoke with her for quite a long time and made her understand how bad it was to call someone something that they are not, especially when such is demeaning.

I also made her understand that it wasn’t her right or mine to command my wife to wash her clothes or mine. She can only do that if she thinks it was necessary.

She became sorry for what she did and confessed she never knew what came over her.

After discussing it with my mother, I retired to my matrimonial bed. My wife was still sorry for her actions.

I also spoke to her about the wrongs involved in fighting her mother-in-law.

Peacefully we slept off and to my greatest shock, my mother was helping her daughter-in-law for the very first time in the kitchen the next morning.

The peace that now exists in my home, trust me when I say that it does not exist in other families.


You shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on one party’s side of the story. Take your time to also listen to the other person’s part of the story.

What is your take here? Do you think my judgement and the way I approached the misunderstanding was cool? Send your replies via the comments section below.

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