Education is the key to success

Education in no doubt has proven that it is the key to success. It is possible that many will argue against this assertion.

Well, irrespective of the fact that there are people who will criticise the statement, there are people who still agree with it.

It is true that the majority of people born in underdeveloped countries will tell you that education is not the key to success. The reason for this is as a result of their government’s nonchalant attitudes towards education.

So of a truth, I don’t blame anyone who argues that education is not actually the key to success.

Why people fail to believe in education as the key to success

People don’t believe it because they feel that going to school is just a waste of time. This belief system is so rampant among teenagers and adults because of their parents lack of interest in education.

Due to the rate at which poverty has ravaged some families, they (families) now come to the conclusion that sending their children to school is just a waste of time and resources.

On a yearly basis, people get enrolled into the higher institution and by the time of their graduation, they start roaming the streets looking for jobs.

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It’s quite unfortunate that in some underdeveloped countries people who graduated with First Class Honours in a Degree program end up as motorcyclists, shoemakers etc.

Sometimes you will be warned to be careful in the way you talk to people you don’t know because lots of them are graduates in many fields of study.

So looking at the situation of these underdeveloped countries, why wouldn’t any person believe that the saying that education is the key to success is a laughable statement?

Why Education is the key to success

Well are you still doubting the fact that the gateway to success lies in education?

The truth is, education is one great gift God has given to humanity.

With help of education new ideas erupt on a daily basis. New things (technologies) are found and so on and so forth.

I was in class sometime ago when one of my classmates told me about his new invention.

He told me how possible it was for him to invent a bat meant to kill mosquitoes. This bat is like a normal table tennis bat that needs electricity to charge.

All you need to do is to press the red button and use it against any flying insect.

You will notice it has caught an insect from the sparks on the mosquito bat.

Now one can wonder how possible it was for him to acquire this.

He wasn’t at home thinking about this. He went to school and he was taught some of the possibilities of these things.

This is what education has caused. It opened his mind to understand the possibility of inventing such a powerful anti-mosquito tool.

If he wasn’t educated someone should tell me how it will be possible for him to get such an ideology.

Education has proven itself as the key to success in many ways which are uncountable.

America is the way it is today due to education. If America had no educated elites who came together to make their study worthwhile, how do you think that it would have been regarded as one of the strongest countries in the world?

I know fully well that one can be illiterate and still be powerful but the question is, having power alone and having both Education and power, which is the best?

Even with education you don’t need power because it is already embedded in.

I used to remember one of my uncles in those days who would always call me and remind me of how education has helped him greatly.

This my uncle has no wealth as in rich but he is the Senior Adviser on Leadership to my community king.

You can imagine that he has no wealth of his own but he advises the king on leadership matters.

Education as a powerful tool of success

If you are not educated and you think that it is not advisable to be then you are suffering from ignorance.

You can’t own a business and you feel it is unnecessary to get the basic knowledge of your business.

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You need to be educated if you must do well in your field.

That is to say in a short word, never neglect education because it is what you need to become successful.

Should you key into education

I don’t see any reason for this question because the answer is a very big YES.

Why do you think that irrespective of the fact that some underdeveloped countries still have millions of people going to school?

The reason is not far-fetched. Every society believes that education is the bedrock of society.

If you are not educated, other countries of the world will step on your rights and take from you what rightfully belongs to you.

Why on earth did you think the colonial masters succeeded in colonising Africa and some other parts of the world?

The reason is still as a result of negligence to education. When people started welcoming education, things started changing for good.

People were educated and got to learn that the invasion of colonial masters into their lands wasn’t for their own good.

Today, colonialism is completely banned in all parts of the world all thanks to education.

Though it is possible that persons will argue that irrespective of the fact that colonialism is banned there is another form of colonialism (neo-colonialism) which is still invoked. And this form of colonialism is still rampant among the underdeveloped countries of the world.

The powerful representation of education in our society shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why is education looked down upon

To tell you the truth, irrespective of the obvious unending benefits of education, I am still in shock to hear or notice that lots of societies don’t value education.

Such a society without any regard for education doesn’t need to exist.

Whether the education is a western type of education or indigenous form of education, what is more important is that it serves the needs of society and the world at large.

The values of education shouldn’t be neglected or looked down upon any longer. The moment the agencies involved in issues of education start looking into matters of education the better for such society.

I’ve come across countries where teachers are well paid and are in love with their jobs.

Unfortunately in some underdeveloped countries, 80 percent of their teachers don’t value their jobs due to the peanuts they receive as salaries.

Someone should tell me why children will like to become teachers when they finally grow up. This of course discourages people to believe that education is the key to success.


The today’s government should realise that they have more roles to play when it comes to giving education its place in society.

For people to accept that education is the key to success the government has to step in in full force.

No society progresses without education therefore it is the duty of the government to ensure that indeed education is the key to success.

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