Why dogs left wildlife to stay with man (story for kids)

Why dogs left wildlife to stay with man (story for kids)

This is the story of how dogs left wildlife to come live with men in society.

In today’s society, we are all aware that almost all homes have a dog either as a pet or as a security.

Have you ever thought of what made that possible? In this story, you will find out for yourself how dogs left wildlife to come to stay with the man.

I forgot to also mention that in this story, you will come across why dogs hate other wild animals.

How Dogs Left Wildlife (the story)

So it was cool in the evening and the hunters had set out for hunting. At all times they went out to hunt they always returned home with a game.

This got all the animals in the forest thinking. They called for an emergency meeting to discuss the best ways to secure the wildlife from these hunters.

In the meeting, the animals concluded that they will travel to man’s land and collect all their hunting implements. These will be done at midnight when the hunters have all gone to sleep.

After the meeting,g all the animals returned to their homes as they patiently waited for midnight to come.

The dog, who happens to be a very good friend of the hunters, travelled to man’s land and told the hunters the outcome of the meeting in the wildlife.

The hunters hid their hunting tools away from the animals that would visit at night.

When it was midnight, all the animals that came to carry the hunting tools of the hunters were disappointed as they couldn’t find anything.

They became so afraid and concluded that there was a saboteur among them.

Because they didn’t know who the saboteur was, they decided to visit the chief priest.

The elephant was the chief priest of the wildlife. It communicates with the gods and relates to other animals what the gods have said.

After all the incantations, the elephant pointed at the dog as a betrayal.

The lion being the king of the wildlife made a decree that from that day onwards, all dogs be banished from the wildlife.

The dog was sent out of the wild and went to live with his best friend, the hunter.

As a way of vengeance, the dog swore never to spare any wild animal that crossed its way. To make this personal oath achievable, the dog opted to always follow the hunter for hunting.

This is the exact reason why dogs live with humans today, follow hunters to hunt and also are the worst enemy of wildlife.

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