Saviosantos is the nickname of Saviour Chikezie Nwariwe the third child of Chief and Lolo Peter Nwariwe and the owner of Nekenwa Stories. 

Saviosantos is the nickname of Saviour Chikezie Nwariwe the third child of Chief and Lolo Peter Nwariwe.

His from Ogaku Obinwanne Umuaka kingdom in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo state.

Saviosantos was born in Imo state but brought up in Rivers state.

Education of Saviosantos

His primary and secondary education took place at State School 1 and Sir Mgbomo Christian College all in Elele Alimini, in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State. From 2001 to 2013 (12 years. That is 6 years in Primary school and 6 years in Secondary school).

As for his tertiary education, Saviosantos attended Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education were he obtained both his Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) and Degree Certificate. (6 years. That is 3 years in NCE and 3 years as a Degree student).


Nekenwa Saviosantos is a Christian and a Catholic by the way of denomination. He is a Block Rosarian and a Marian devotee.


Saviosantos started his movie career in Imo state under the tutelage of Ambassador Single.

Ambassador Single is a movie maker who is an indegene of Umunneme Ogberuru in Orlu, Imo state.

Though Savio met him Owerri through a billboard advertising the application of those interested in movie acting, screenwriting etc.

As a young creative writer, Saviosantos already had with him a story he had written and just wanted someone to proofread and also make some necessary corrections.

His relationship with Single became so very strong that Single took him as his younger brother.

After two years of their relationship, Ambassador’s trip to Lagos shattered the movie dreams of Saviosantos.

But because he (Savio) is someone who doesn’t rely on people for survival, he started his own production house.

In his own production he shot videos with phone cameras.

Among the people that started the movie house with him were Sir Joe, John Alwell, and Success. As time went on, other people were joining the movie house.

The return of Sir Joe to his home state, Abia, led to the slow downfall of the production house.

Saviosantos tried his best to keep up with the people available but with their excuses that they couldn’t continue brought the Save Your Laugh Comedy to an end.

Never discouraged by what had happened, Saviosantos started a new production house with the name ‘Comic Clan Entertainment’ hoping that it won’t face the fate his previous production house suffered but unfortunately, it met the same fate.

Still never distracted by the challenges he has encountered, Mr Saviosantos still went ahead to create a new production house which now bare his name “Nekenwa tv”.

The new house has a blog “Nekenwa Stories” and videos uploaded in this channel are usually videos were Saviosantos cloned himself. Sometimes the contents of videos deals with what is happening in the environment.

The blog was fashioned into a story blog (both fiction, and nonfiction).

The blog also bore life helping contents (personal development).

Works of Saviosantos

Having noted above that Nekenwa is a comedian, a movie actor and a teacher, it is also note worthy to outline some of books he has written.

His Relationship status

As at the time of publishing this biography, Saviosantos was not married neither does he have a girlfriend.

He believes strongly that everyone is specifically made for one each person. He looks forward to finding that person that is truly made for him. But as for now, he doesn’t need distractions to achieve his purpose.

Saviosantos networth

For how much the young blogger and entertainment worths is still unrealisable at the moment.

What should be expected of him

Saviosantos is a creative story writer, he has vowed to uphold sound morality in all his posts and also vowed to ensure that his readers don’t regret ever visiting his site.

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