wickedness of medical practitioners

I have wondered why medical practitioners in Nigeria are so wicked even to a dying person.

On many occasions I’ve wondered the source of their wickedness. I only got convinced when one of my uncles became a medical practitioner.

Being a medical doctor is never a bad idea but what on earth possessed their lawmakers? You will first get police reports before they can start working on you that was shot or hit by a bullet.

It happened before my very own eyes at Federal Medical Center (FMC), Owerri Imo state.

There was a shootout between the security forces and some criminals in one local village close to Owerri, the state capital.

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During the shootout, an 11 years old was hit by a stray bullet. The family of the little boy rushed him to FMC.

Do you know that these evil medical practitioners clothed in white linen refused to administer any form of medication on the boy.

According to them, they said it was against the rule of the hospital to administer any treatment until a police report is obtained.

While the case was still dragged by the boy’s family and the wicked doctors, the little boy gave up the ghost (he died).

At the announcement of the boy’s death, the whole environment became as quiet as a graveyard. The only voice that was heard was the tearful voice of the dead boy’s mother and his elder sister.

Who on earth are the real murderers of this little boy if not the medical practitioners.

Even though the boy died during the time they were to stop the bleeding and remove the bullet, one would have agreed that the doctors did their best. But unfortunately, no effort of any kind was made.

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The little boy struggled for life but he was unfortunate.

It’s just like you are at the river bank and you are very thirsty but your hands are too weak to collect water.

These laws must be abolished

It’s high time people realised that society is shunning barbarism.

Whoever is incharge of making these laws for medical practitioners should be well checked if he/she does not belong to any bloodsucking occultic group.

These laws must be amended and it must be done with an immediate effect.

Even though the person is a hardened criminal, he or she still needs to survive until the law declares him a person who must die. 

Though doctors are not supposed to be blamed generally for this issue because they are only following the hospital rules. But these rules have to be revisited because innocent people are dying before their time.

It is no longer a breaking story that many private hospitals don’t administer any medication except you pay part of the hospital bill.

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This is just a way of exposing people to their untimely death.

Irrespective of the fact that the hospital needs finance to continue functioning, saving life is much more important than that money.

These people making laws for the medical practitioners should give these laws a human face.

If you go to many Nigerian hospitals and see the way patients are treated, you will hate becoming or having anything to do with a Nigerian doctor.

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