How to teach the concept of culture in class

How to teach the concept of culture in class

Teaching the concept of culture shouldn’t be a difficult task for anyone who is in the teaching field.

But what happens to those who did not attend the Teacher-Training Institutions, Colleges of Education or Universities of Education? Well, this is why I am making this post.

So if you are a teacher who is finding it difficult to know how to exactly teach the concept of culture, then you are welcome on board.

Culture is the totality of the people’s way of life. It comprises the food, language, mode of dressing, music etc that is indigenous to a particular group of people.

As a teacher how do you teach this topic to your students? If this topic is not well presented in class, the students are likely not going to understand the full explanation of the context.

The concept of culture is very vast and can’t be taught completely in a single learning period.

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For you to properly teach culture you must as a teacher take into cognisance a lot of factors. Some of these factors may include the age of the students and what kind of example is suitable for their level. You will also need to consider their learning ability and so on.

How to teach the concept of culture

1. Tell them a story about people’s culture:

Students are more attracted when you tell them stories. A good way to teach students is when you tell them stories relating to a particular group of people.

Storytelling goes a long way at conveying the message instead of long talks.

The story will make them listen more and also be able to comprehend the exact meaning of what you are teaching them.

Irrespective of the fact that you are telling them a story to teach them the concept of culture, don’t also forget not to use the entire lesson period in storytelling.

2. Dress in a native attire

Have you thought of wearing native clothes before? Every human society has a culture. Also, they have a style of dressing which they believe is part of their culture.

When going to school, put on your cultural attire as a way of depicting the meaning of what you want to teach them.

3. Cite examples using your student’s localities when teaching the concept of culture

The use of examples and illustrations plays a very vital role in the teaching and learning process. Discard this teaching skill to your detriment.

To teach the concept of culture you must cite examples. Give relevant examples as they also go a long way at concretizing the concept in the memory of your learners.

4. Culture of the immediate environment

It will be wrong to teach culture and never mention the one practised in your immediate environment.

Like I have acknowledged earlier, culture is common in every human society.

That is to say, in the environment where your school is sited there is a culture practised there.

You may not be an indigene of that area but a good percentage of your learners come from there.

You must learn or have a deep knowledge of your immediate environment before coming to teach culture in class.

The reason for this is that it will enable your learners or students to have a sense of belonging.

Equally, it will enable them to understand in detail more information about the culture practised in their environment.

5. Make it a practical class

Practising the teaching of culture also goes a long way at concretising what you are teaching.

Involve the students in one activity or the other. This will go a long way in helping them understand the concept.

Let’s say for example you want to teach culture and you are using ‘Mmenme Iri Ji’ (New yam festival) as an example, it is advised you guide your students into dramatising the activities obtained during the New Yam Festival.

New yam festival is an annual occasion that is common among the people living in the Old Eastern part of Nigeria especially the Igbos.


The teaching of culture shouldn’t be a tedious thing. It is only difficult for those who are not grounded in the field of social sciences most especially, social studies.

Not preparing yourself adequately to teach this topic will make you end up defining the concept only.

Teaching the concept of culture is much more than the definition of culture.

Learn the cultures of your immediate environment and come teach the students what you have learnt.

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