In Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, a student was caught urinating at her lecturer’s doorstep.

Student caught urinating at lecturer's doorstep


It was hot in the afternoon when noise roared in the environment of Alvan.


It was heard that a student was caught urinating at her lecturer’s door.


Students gathered at the New Social Science building at Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education to witness the ugly scenery.


Miss Helen Onumara was said to be the student who was caught urinating at Mr Damian’s doorstep.


According to the student, after being interrogated claimed that she was so pressed to an unbearable point. Instead of wetting herself with urine she ended up urinating at the lecturer’s doorstep.


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What the lecturer has to say

The lecturer’s side of the story has it that he was very busy at his office when the incident took place. He said that he never knew what was going on since his attention was focused on what he was writing.


He also added that the moment he rose his head towards his doorstep was the lady quickly getting up and running off.

He pursued the girl to ascertain the reason for what she had done.


Students around were divided into two where the first group argued that it was an unconscious act and the other group argued for the opposite.


It was indeed a very sad moment for Miss Helen Onumara.


The unfortunate part of the whole thing is that Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education doesn’t have enough restrooms to accommodate as to look into that matter.


Though the student also has to be blamed in this regard. Of all places, why must it be the lecturer’s doorstep?


Some students also lack home training, sorry to say. Some will use the restroom and end up messing it up.


Honestly, if I am to judge, that student that was caught urinating at her lecturer’s doorstep needs to be punished.


While I advocate for disciplinary actions to be meted on the student, the school should also do something with regards to increasing the number of restrooms in the school.

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