Wahala: Son hospitalised After Sleeping With His Mother

Son hospitalised for sleeping with his mother


After sleeping with his mother he was hospitalised over something he knows nothing about.

A boy who told his father how he slept with his mother nearly got his life cut short.

Chinonso, an eight years old son of Mr and Mrs Nmadu nearly met his ancestors after telling his father that he slept with his mother.

It was gathered that his mother was not around when the innocent boy was relating the story to his father.

Mr Nmadu nearly killed his son if not for the quick intervention of neighbours.

Chinonso was already unconscious and was quickly rushed to the hospital.

By the time he was resuscitated, he told the people around that he was so scared last night.

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As a result, his mother asked him to come lie on the same bed with her since he cannot sleep alone in his room.

“While I was lying on the same bed with mummy, she was telling me so many interesting bed time stories.”

“I never knew when I slept off. I woke up and I noticed that my breakfast was already prepared and served”

“Daddy came back in the afternoon and I told him how I slept with mummy. He didn’t allow me to finish and he started beating me”.

From the boy’s narration it was understood that the father thought his eight years old son had sexual intercourse with the mother over the night.

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Mrs Nmadu quickly returned from her workplace when she received an urgent call that her son was hospitalised.

To the shock of the woman she never believed that her husband could do such to their son and also believe that she could do such a thing.

She threatened nothing should ever happen to their son else she won’t take it likely with him.

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People should always read meaning into words before drawing conclusions.

The boy told the father he slept with his mother why didn’t he wait so that the boy could finish the story.

Now Chinonso is hospitalised over a crime he knows nothing about.

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To me, I would advise Mr Nmadu be arrested until the boy recovers fully.


This story is purely imaginative. Please ignore every form of familiarity because it’s coincidental.

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