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In the late hours of yesterday, voices were rising at a very high velocity. It was Mr Sunday Osondu fighting his family. He claimed that his family are the cause of his bad lucks and as such must suffer.

Three days ago residents of Onyoma’s compound fled for their lives as Mr Sunday threatened the whole compound with a matchet. Even his own family ran for their lives.

They only returned after he had left. Neighbours in the compound advised the man on how to deal with Mr Sunday’s case once and for all to avoid him killing anyone in the compound.

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Should I say that the love for his son made Mr Fabian (Sunday’s father) not to heed to the advice of his neighbours.

Yesterday’s scene was the last time the neighborhood would condone such behaviour any longer.

They invited the police who came and bundled Mr Sunday out of the place.

After he was arrested, it was then gathered by the police that the boy was taking vengeance on his family.

He has always complained about his family being the exact reason why is suffering today and will definitely pay.

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According to him as issued by the police, he (Mr Sunday) went to a church and the pastor told him that his family were the reason for his bad luck.

Since then, he has been after his family so that they can go and revert whatever they did in his name.

Currently, Mr Sunday is still at the hospital as the said pastor is sought for to come give reasons why he is poised at destroying other people’s family.

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People can be very mean. Some pastors and priests who claim to be men and women of God do this only to win members to their church.

Till this very moment, that pastor is still on the run.

My people have to be careful because of fake prophets with fake teachings.

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Son blames family for his bad luck