Video: Lai Mohammed suspects Twitter activity in Nigeria

Lai Mohammed is suspecting Twitter for deleting the president's post from their platform

In today’s story, the presidency through the office of Lai Mohammed has faulted the activities of Twitter in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Minister of Information and Communication Lai Mohammed is suspecting Twitter’s activities in Nigeria.

In a viral video made available by AIT, the Minister of Information and Communication was very bitter with the giant social media app.

Lai Mohammed in a broadcast said that Twitter is taking sides with secessionist groups in Nigeria.

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This comment came immediately after the president’s threat of war against the SouthEast region was deleted by Twitter.

The minister also argued that Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB has on many occasions said many awful things against Nigerian government. He is wondering why Twitter has not deleted any of Kanu’s posts.

Lai Mohammed also cited the ban of Donald Trump from Twitter. He equally argued that Twitter also has a hand in the #Endsars protest which took place on the 20th day of October, 2020.

Mohammed was so bitter against Twitter for deleting the president’s post.

From the look of things there is a great possibility that Twitter might be banned in Nigeria.

Though this is not said or declared yet, judging from Lai Mohammed’s tone of voice, it is possible.

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