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Jungle justice: tears of Joseph and his grandmother
Jungle justice

Joseph was in a hurry to find an inhaler for his grandmother before the Jungle justice took place.

His grandmother was suffering from an asthma attack and was unknown to them that it had finished.

Joseph loves his grandmother so much that he is ready to give his own life only for the old woman to survive.

The old woman was said to be the only family he knew. His parents died in a car accident a month after his birth.

Other members of his family rejected him but his grandmother was an exception.

He ran to the nearest pharmacy to find one inhaler for his grandmother but they had sold the ones they had.

He went further into the Ariaria market to find the inhaler. Ariaria market is said to be one of the biggest markets in Abia state.

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People from different parts of the country come to buy and sell in that market.

Joseph kept on asking questions on which part of the market he could find pharmacists.

When he got the direction, he quickly ran to the area and was greeted with so many pharmacies.

He had no time to be trying all the stores in terms of price as his grandmother is at the point of death.

He bought one inhaler from the first pharmacy he entered. On his leaving, the pharmacist called him back.

Unknown to Joseph, the big cloth he was wearing removed one of the children’s medicines that were hanging in the canter. Unconscious to him it entered his pocket.

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The owner of the pharmacy noticed what looked like one of his products and called him back.

When he asked Joseph to check his pocket, Joseph humbly did without questioning as he was in a hurry to go see his grandmother.

“How come?” He asked bringing out a medicine made for children

“Are you asking me?” The pharmacist asked. Before Joseph could know what was happening, the pharmacist held him by his trouser.

He slapped Joseph a couple of times as he raised the alarm for his other neighbours.

When others came he told them that the boy came to buy an inhaler from him and ended up stealing from him.

Joseph was never allowed to say a word. Before he could notice what was going on, he was stripped naked.

Different kinds of weapons were used on him to the extent he lost consciousness.

They brought a tyre and dropped it on him. Someone got fuel and poured it on him.

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His grandmother was still back at home struggling for her life. While her son is at Ariaria market struggling also with his own life.

They brought fire and threw it on the little boy.

To the shock of everyone, the fire quenched. They gathered more fire but to their greatest shock, the fire continued going off at arrival.

They tried lighting the fire elsewhere and it responded positively but when they tried it on him again, the fire refused to catch.

Immediately they concluded that Joseph was innocent. They took him with the inhaler back to his house.

Luckily enough, his grandmother was still breathing when they got home.

After administering the inhaler, she gradually regained herself.

They told her everything that had happened to her grandson.

His grandmother never stopped to thank God for vindicating her grandson. She wondered what would have become of her if her only reason for being alive was killed.

Those who brought Joseph promised to take care of his education and were also ready to train him to whatever level of education he wishes.

Interestingly, they built a new home for the old woman and their life changed completely for good.

Jungle Justice Conclusion

Jungle justice is never the best way to punish people for whatever be the offence they might have committed.

It is an abuse of one’s rights and must be abolished.

Unfortunately, Jungle justice is still invoked in our society today. Irrespective of how globalization has taken over the world, some people still see jungle Justice as the best way to punish thieves.

If not for God’s intervention Joseph would have been murdered. Making everyone involved a murderer.

People should stop taking laws into their own hands.

Say no to jungle justice…many innocents have gone because of it.

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Jungle justice: tears of Joseph and his grandmother