June 12 protest: police shoot directly at protesters

June 12 protest: police shoot directly at protesters
Police officers shooting directly
 at protesters

The ongoing peaceful protests have turned into violence as some police officers are captured shooting directly at the protesters.

June 12th was mapped out as a day to protest against the issue of bad governance in Nigeria.

The citizens of Nigeria are fed up with the ways at which the government of the day is running the affairs of the country.

As a way of making their voices heard, they selected June 12 which was supposed to mark Nigeria Democracy Day as a day for the protest.

This protest is supposed to be a nationwide protest but from the view of things, the Nigerian government is fighting tooth and nail to disperse the protesters.

Initially, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) also selected June 12 to be a day for their nationwide protest also in view of the issue of insecurity in the country.

The fear of politicians hijacking the protest pushed the NANS president to postpone the slated June 12 protest.

Unfortunately for the NANS president, the students had decided to go on protest to air their view against bad governance in Nigeria.

While the protest is ongoing, security men are seen mounted in strategic places in all parts of the country.

Many have been reported shooting teargas at peaceful protesters.

So far, from the time of telling this story, no person has been hit or fired a live bullet but only teargas.

This might turn into violence as the people are already angered by the actions of the security agencies.

Police officers are meant to ensure that protesters protest peacefully without hurting themselves or anyone but unfortunately, Nigerian case is always different.

Nigerian government prefers to honour a man with an AK-47 than someone with a flag seeking for a better life.

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