How to remove yourself from toxic relationship and save your education

Toxic relationships have a very negative effect on education. Therefore, to save your education you must remove yourself from such relationships.

There is a popular saying that says “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”.

It means that friends play a great role in our upbringing.

When you keep toxic relationships in school, your academic prowess is bound to suffer.

I remembered some time ago when I was still in secondary school.

My classmates treated me differently because I was the quiet type.

I thought they were hating me because it was too difficult for me to be like them.

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Unfortunately, I never knew that while I was trying to be like them, they were trying to be like me.

I started joining them in discussing topics above our age, going to nightclubs, gambling etc.

All these things were happening outside the knowledge of my parents and teachers. They started noticing my setbacks when my results started coming up.

Honestly, toxic relationships have a very great negative effect on every student that wishes to succeed academically.

If you are a student and you wish to succeed, you must save your education by staying away from toxic relationships.

A toxic relationship is a kind of association that inculcates an unacceptable effect on partners.

Bringing it to education, it has to do with that form of relationship that implants negative effects in partners involved.

How Toxic Relationship Affects an Individual

Toxic relationships affect individuals in many ways. This include the following;

1. Lack of Seriousness for One’s Studies.

When you are in a toxic relationship, you will no longer have regards for your academics.

This relationship will deny you the opportunity of reading your books in your spare time.

The reason is because, at all times you are discussing things that don’t matter and won’t yield any better fruit in your life.

2. Exposes Individuals to Danger.

It’s better you remove yourself from a toxic relationship because it exposes someone to danger.

I could remember when I was arrested because I followed my friends to go meet prostitutes. Yes, when I say prostitutes I mean it.

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Though it was my first time. On reaching their spot, we started negotiating price for one night and boom, the police came out from God knows where and arrested me.

Every other person ran for their lives but I couldn’t because I was already at gunpoint.

3. Poor Academic Grades

You can’t be in a relationship that doesn’t appreciate your education and you still expect good grades.

Toxic relationships will discourage you from studying and when that is done, you will never write well in your exams.

Imagine going out clubbing on the eve of an examination. And all these while you have never studied ahead of the exam you are to write.

Even when you sit for the exams, trust me, the grades will be very, very poor.

4. Gives Room For Illiteracy

The worst part of it is when an illiterate joins a bad group. Trust me, he or she is making his problem worse.

It’s better to remove yourself from toxic relationships, otherwise you will end up illiterate.

An illiterate is someone who cannot comprehend or be able read what is written in a piece of paper.

An illiterate worsens his case when he makes friends with people who have no value for education.

Calling such a person illiterate is an insult to illiterates. He or she is beyond the meaning of illiteracy.

5. Lose Societal Recognition

Toxic relationships also add up in making an individual lose societal recognition.

On no account would you advise reasonable people to be in the same association with someone known to be a drug addict.

Let’s say that before you were not into drugs but you started it suddenly due to the kind of friends you kept.

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Normally speaking, people will despise you because they now believe that you are always under the influence of drugs and can’t make better judgements.

6. Armed Robbery

Bad companies also compel an individual into joining in their bad behaviours.

If not for the way my father handled me after that police and prostitutes’ issue , who knows what would have become of me today.

Toxic relationships will make you join bad gangs which could be armed robbery etc.

Remove yourself from these bad friends if you must save yourself and your education.

7. Denies Individual Opportunities

Bad friends have also played a role in denying people mouthwatering opportunities.

The friends you kept that are not okay for your education might deny you the opportunity of becoming someone great.

I also remembered how I lost the opportunity of studying in the US because of a toxic relationship.

In my school, I have won so many medals in so many competitions.

As time went by, I joined a bad group of friends which forced me into having no time for my studies.

There was a debate my school was invited to. Due to lack of confidence the school had in me due to my recent academic performances, they chose Anita whom everyone knew I was better than academically.

Anita won the gold medal for my school and the company that hosted the debate gave her a scholarship to study as a petrochemical engineer in the US.

It was indeed a lost opportunity for me.

8. Untimely Death

Sorry this point is coming late. It’s true that those who started or joined a bad group end up mysteriously.

Any person who joins a bad group like armed robbery has signed his untimely death warrant.

Either the person dies as a result of alcohol or drug abuse, or he/she would be killed by security forces.

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9. Wasteful Lifestyle

Toxic relationships also cause a wasteful lifestyle.

It pains me more when I see a child dressing indecently or using words that are common among cultists.

Sometime ago, when I traveled to Rivers state to go see my parents, I was shocked to see one of my childhood friends roaming the streets crazy.

He was also one among my peers but unfortunately for him, he did not change from the lifestyle even after our secondary school.

According to reports, he took a combination of heavy drugs and it shattered his brains.

Toxic relationships will never leave you with any positivity instead it will destroy you completely.

How to Remove Yourself From Toxic Relationships

1. Avoid Their Discussion:

 Bad friends or companies are also known for saying or discussing immorality.

When you notice such people , learn to stay away from them.

2. Befriend Your Books:

Make your books your companion. 

The more you read your books the more you find it difficult to have no time for silly talks.

3. Engage Like-minded Students:

 in order to remove yourself from toxic relationships you must also learn how to make friends with students who value their academics.

4. Don’t Start A Fight With Them: 

My mother would always say that it would be better to play stupid and get what you want.

So on this note, act like you don’t have any strength to throw any punch at them.

Just see them as a number of youths who still need proper home training.

How To Save Your Education

Discussing how to save your education would need another blog post which I would advise you check out.

But it is also important to point out here that your education can be saved only when you remove yourself from toxic relationships and study hard.

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