A good number of our students find it difficult to take their studies seriously. Some might appear to be intelligent but after one month of registering with us, you notice they are becoming a problem to academics. 

Miss Kayla (Vice Principal Admin, Community Secondary School Odua).

The issue of students not being serious with their studies has been a very serious issue that demands a very serious concern.

Questioning the undesirable character, what exactly has the school or the teachers done about it?

Are parents or guardians aware that their children or wards are not getting along with their studies? If they are aware, what effort(s) have they made to combat the situation?

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Students not being serious with their studies shouldn’t be solely the responsibility of the teachers. The parents also have a role to play here.

Those in the teaching profession will tell you that the teacher has just 30 percent role in helping an individual acquire knowledge while the remaining 70 percent should be the student’s burden.

Well, if this kind of burden is only rested on the shoulders of the learner or the student, trust me, he will collapse before getting to his destination.

It is therefore the responsibility of the parents to share with their children this remaining 70 percent burden.

It is still advisable the family don’t carry all the burden for the child else they will end up producing a dummy and stack illiterate for the society.

Agents of lack of seriousness with studies among students

1. Teacher factor: some teachers are one of the reasons why students don’t take their studies seriously.

A teacher who lacks the proper knowledge of a subject area can never present it well. It’s just like asking a teacher who studied mathematics to start teaching English language. 

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What do you expect of the teacher? Before you realise what is happening, he has started solving maths whereas he is discussing the ‘Meaning of a Noun‘ lol.

Well that’s for the fun of it. It is still not advisable to teach a subject area you are not grounded at.

The truth is that no one can teach chemistry topics better than someone who has studied chemistry as a course in a higher institution.

Every teacher should be found teaching subjects or topics he or she has a very good knowledge of.

If this continues without being checked and corrected, what reason do you have to convince me that students or learners will still be serious with their studies?

So for this seriousness or interest for study to be available and binding among students, then teachers should be allowed to only teach subjects they have a good knowledge of.

2. Family factor: As another agent of lack of seriousness for studies among students, the family has a share.

A family that doesn’t care about what their children do every day in school leaves the child to the mercy of losing interest in academics.

Naturally, children don’t love education but they grow up to fall in love with it.

This is only possible depending on the kind of family they come from.

Just like back in the day when my father will lead me to school and I will begin to cry.

A good lot of our adults did it (crying when sent to school). 

What my father usually does then is to follow me to the class since he knows that I won’t stop crying if I watch him leave.

I used to be told how stubborn I was back then as a kid.

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So my father will sit in my class while my eyes are fixed where he is sitting.

On how I will be distracted and when I turn around my father is no more in the last place I saw him is what I never found out till date.

My father ensured that each day he picks me from school he enquired about my lessons for the day and how I have progressed.

My family developed a good working relationship with all the teachers that taught me during my nursery and primary school days.

Am still grateful to God for the kind of family that I have.

My father usually reminds me of how I would like to carry my books and sit with him each time he is reading the newspaper.

No wonder I fell in love with reading books and newspapers.

For your child to be serious with his/her studies, it is your responsibility as a family to ensure he or she does.

Among my siblings and I, my father usually sets up a quiz competition. And any person that answers the highest question will be expecting a nice gift during any of the festive periods like Christmas, Easter etc.

What I am trying to say here is that parents should help their children develop love for their studies.

3. Students unseriousness with studies: Irrespective of the fact that I have so much blamed the parents and teachers for being a leading factor to why students lack seriousness in their studies, the students on their own are not left out.

A student who keeps a toxic relationship is bound to be unserious with his studies.

Who are your friends and how far do they encourage you when it comes to academic issues?

In my local language there is a saying that says “ewu n’naghi ata ji soro ewu n’ta ji ga emecha tawa ji” (A goat that doesn’t eat yam will start eating yam when it follows a goat that eats yam).

That adage alone explains everything. Any serious student that keeps relationships with unserious students will definitely become an unserious student.

This is the same lamentation of Miss Kayla in the opening of this post.

As a student if you want to be serious then you must cut off those relationships that don’t encourage your study.

How to get serious with studies

Efforts to comb the issue of being unserious with studies

Like I pointed out earlier, if parents can help the students carry the 70 percent of the students job lightly and the teachers perform their 30 percent duties perfectly, then there will be no room for lack of unseriousness.

My course mates in the university normally call me a ‘school freak’ due to the love and passion I have for my academics. Not boasting about it but am proud to tell you that I am in love with Education.

To help students fall in love with education then all hands must be on deck to make it a reality.

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