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End toxic relationships before it ends you (story)

On many occasions, her mother has warned her against toxic relationships but she plays adamant.

Each time her mother warns her against the kind of friends she keeps, she does nothing but scolds her.

This is the story of Monica and her toxic relationships

Monica is a beautiful lady whose beauty is recognized by both living and non-living things.

She lost her father on her 12th birthday and since then, things have been tough for both her and her mother.

To keep her promise to her late husband, Monica’s mother did everything possible to ensure her daughter went to school and become something useful in life.

One thing Monica’s mother frowned at was the kind of relationship her daughter was keeping during this period.

She had noticed the kind of outfit her daughter was wearing these days and where she learned such a lifestyle from is what she can’t comprehend.

She wondered how her daughter came about those kinds of dresses.

Monica went out to visit one of her friends and her mother used that opportunity to go through her daughter’s belongings.

To the shock of her life, she saw lots of things she never expected.

Things like expensive dresses, contraceptives (condom), etc.

What caught her attention was the condom she found in her daughter’s bag.

Monica’s mother was so disappointed that her 17-year-old daughter whom she is doing everything for to ensure she becomes useful in life is now living a lifestyle she is unwilling to believe.

At the arrival of Monica, she greeted her mother and was about to go inside before her mother called her back.

She asked her to sit down and the daughter was not in the mood so she resisted.

“Mama, please, I am not ready for your long sermon tonight. Please allow me to go and freshen up” she said.

Her mother was down in tears as the only child she has is swimming in the ocean of destruction.

Monica went to her room and saw how scattered her properties were.

She became so furious with her mother that she nearly slapped her.

“I wouldn’t blame you if you killed me tonight. God in heaven knows that I have done my best and am still doing my best to raise you in the right way” her mother said in the pool of tears.

“I have sold all my expensive properties including the ones your late father gave me as gifts just to ensure that you have a better living. Because of you, I only have two pieces of the wrapper but you prefer to pay me like this”.

“My dear daughter, end toxic relationships before they end you. Those friends you are keeping will someday lead you to your end” she concluded.

“Have you finished? Now let me warn you when next you try what you did today, I will close the part of my life that recognizes you as mother and deal with you mercilessly” Monica threatened.

“For crying out loud, why can’t you old people recognize the fact that your time has come and gone. This is the 21st century. Please allow me to enjoy myself” she concluded and left.

Her mother was soaked in tears as she slept and never saw the light of the next day.

Monica woke up from her bed and didn’t bother to check up on her mother.

She went to the kitchen and couldn’t find anything.

Unlike her mother, she would always ensure that her daughter’s breakfast was ready before she woke up.

Monica looked in the direction of her mother’s room and it was still locked.

Monica went out again with her friends but was bothered. She wasn’t feeling comfortable as all was not right.

She was having the feeling that something was wrong somewhere.

Her friends were surprised at the way she left them.

She hurried back home and her mother’s room was still locked from the inside.

She knocked over and over again but there was no response.

At this point, fear started gripping her as she was becoming alarming.

Neighbors got attracted by her screaming and when they broke the door, behold her dead mother.

Her mother died at 1:00 am and Monica was unable to hold her tears.

She never stopped to say “mama I am sorry” as she believed that her mother died because of her.

While she cried, she felt like vomiting and ran straight to the outside and helped herself.

The aged woman that came to sympathize with her, told her that she was pregnant.

She couldn’t believe it until it was confirmed by the doctor.

Two days after her mother’s burial, she met Stanley to inform him she was carrying his baby.

Stanley disowned her and the baby immediately.

He reminded her about how many boyfriends she had and how she has been sleeping around with all of them.

At this point, she had a flashback at the last words of her mother. “End toxic relationships before they end you”.

She couldn’t believe that Stanley that was promising her heaven on earth while they were having sex would deny her pregnancy.

While the argument was ongoing, Stanley’s new girlfriend entered and Stanley boldly introduced her as his girlfriend.

Toxic relationships have indeed dealt Monica a great blow.

Her friends rejected but not Helen. Helen promised to take her to where she could get rid of the pregnancy for a token.

Very unfortunate for Monica, while the unborn child was eliminated, she was equally eliminated.

That is to say, she died during the process of abortion.

The End. 

Quotes from the story

    • End toxic relationships to avoid being intoxicated
    • Your days are numbered when you disregard the voice of an elder.
    • A bird at hand is better than a million in the sky.
    • Despise the spit of your parents at your peril.
  • Undefined relationships give birth to toxic relationships

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End Toxic Relationships Before it Ends You (Story)