Dot in a circle T-Shirt is out in the market

in a circle T-Shirt is out in the market

The Mohammadu Buhari led government had on Thursday described Igbos as a ‘dot in a circle’ and since then it has raised so much controversy in the country.

While the Igbos have converted the insult meted on them by the Nigerian president into a business venture, people are still in shock at the kind of people the Igbos are.

Buhari called those agitating for the freedom of Biafra a dot in a circle and the people responded by producing new t-shirts and styling it with “Onye Dot” that is “someone from Dot”.

At first, people thought that the Nigerian president was referring to the IPOB members as a dot in a circle, not until he mentioned Igbos scattered everywhere in the country and owning businesses.

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It is simply clear to say that the president has openly declared his hatred for the Igbos.

One will also ask, why are they still holding the East if they hate them to the extent of liking them to a dot in a circle waiting to be flushed out by the Nigerian police and army?

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The baffling part of the whole thing is that, the more you hate the Igbos the more they explore and do greater things beyond any imagination.

A circle can not be a full circle without a dot. That is to say, for a circle to assume it’s full characteristics it must have the presence of a ‘dot’.

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That being said, Nigeria can not exist without the Igbos they referred to as the Dot in a circle.

If they think they can then I see no reason why the Igbos are still forced to stay with them in the same country.

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