How I Swallowed My Urine After Seeing a Big Python

 The python opened it’s mouth wide open to attack it’s enemy – Dr Okoroafor

The story you are about reading is a true life story of Dr (Mrs) Okoroafor. A senior lecturer in Alvan Ikonso Federal College of Education, Owerri Imo state.

Here we go

My father insisted I leave Lagos and return home to study and write my WAEC examination here in the East.

His reason was that the culture of our people was gradually eluding us his children.

As a result, I must travel back to Igbo land so that I can gradually start getting used to our people’s way of life.

I got registered at Community Secondary School Umuna Orlu, Imo state.

Though the school was a stone throw away from my hostel.

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At night I left my hostel to go and ease myself.

Before I left, I beckoned Anita to accompany me.

Anita was behind me with the torch while I was walking very fast to avoid peeing on my pants.

I was shocked when she screamed my name dragging me back by my left hand.

When I enquired what the problem was and why she dragged me the way she did, she pointed the torch at a scary looking python with it’s mouth wide open.

If not that she dragged me back, the next step I would have taken would have been in the big python’s mouth.

A big snake with mouth wide open
A big snake with mouth wide open

We screamed so loudly that woke the entire students.

Three security men that were minding the gate came to enquire about what was going on.

We pointed at the very big python.

“Is that why you were shouting?” They queried us. 

That question was indeed childish. Why won’t we shout in the presence of danger?

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They told us that the big python was not a snake but a guest.

That statement left me in confusion until I came to understand that it was forbidden to kill a python in the area.

To tell you how big and lengthy the python snake was, another two security men joined the first three security men to lift the snake.

They carried it with their bare hands to the community’s largest river where it sailed peacefully.

I couldn’t piss again because of what had happened. Should I say I swallowed my urine or I lost the interest of urinating again.

Before I left the school, I was made to understand that pythons were respected and honoured in the area.

No one is allowed to hurt even the smallest one of it.

If by accident it was killed by any human, it must be buried just like the way human beings are buried in Igbo land.

I really enjoyed my study in the area because it made me learn a lot of things I do not know about my community.

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