Some of us are good at littering their environment and don’t think of the repercussions.

Has anyone told you that keeping your surroundings clean has great psychological effects?

People who keep their environment clean derive respect from people outside.

A clean place does not need to inform any sensible human being not to litter such an area.

It happened sometime ago when I was newly packed into my current neighborhood.

Before I moved into the house, my backyard was nothing to write home about.

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It was converted into a dustbin and a place where people go and urinate anyhow.

I took it upon myself to clear the whole of the rubbish and also keep that place.

To tell you how dirty that place was, it took three days to clean up the whole mess.

After the clean up, I moved my things into my new apartment.

My neighbours who moved to my backyard to throw their rubbish away couldn’t take it any longer. They have come to understand that it was wrong to drop dirty things in the backyard of another person.

From that day henceforth my compound (especially my backyard) became free from people’s wastes.

Why your surrounding needs to be clean

Like I mentioned earlier, it helps to stop people from littering waste in the area.

It also helps to prevent rodents and reptiles like snakes etc.

That brings us to today’s story of how snakes stopped disturbing us in the compound where I lived.

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Like I told us, in the compound where I moved in, I cleaned my backyard for three days before I moved in completely.

But that did not stop snakes from entering the compound.

For more than two weeks we were killing different kinds of snakes.

Every day a snake must be sent to meet its ancestors.

I became worried about this situation. Know one knows who may be a victim of these snakes.

I took it upon myself to know the root cause or the exact places where these snakes are coming out from.

I noticed that there was a bush very close to my compound.

None of my neighbours were interested in cleaning the place. And I believe that is the reason why these snakes appear almost on a daily basis.

I met one of my friends who is into farming. I borrowed his chemical bucket which he uses in killing grasses.

In order to avoid any attack by any harmful animal, I decided to wear clothes that would repel any form of attack.

I sprayed the chemical in all parts of the growing bush and returned the chemical bucket from where I borrowed it.

Within two days the leaves were dying off. I set the area on fire and took it upon myself to clean it every weekend.

For the two years I’ve lived in that area, the compound has remained free from snake attacks.

My neighbours never stopped to thank me and each weekend they always join me to keep the surrounding clean.

Social and other benefits of keeping your surrounding clean

  • Free from rodents which draw the attention of snakes.

  • Free from mosquito bites which are the careers of materials.

  • Fresh air and good ventilation.

  • Promotes your level in the society.

  • People will look at you differently as someone who detest a dirty environment.

  • Inculcate in you the sense of cleanliness.

  • People will like to associate with you.

  • A clean environment explains who you are.

  • It also promotes healthy living.


The habit of keeping your surrounding or environment clean is something you must develop and embibe.

Let cleanliness become a part of you in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping surrounding clean why it is very important

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