UCL final: Guardiola expresses his worst nightmares

Pep Guardiola
(Manchester City manager)

As the Champions League final is drawing near, Guardiola is expressing his worst fears.

Guardiola is the current manager of Manchester City and has won the Premier League yet again this season.

He hopes to add to his glory and that of his current club the League of the Champions.

Chelsea has won the giant cup (UCL) only once in their history as a football club. Winning this year’s UCL wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Manchester City also on the other side has remained resolute to winning the title at all cost.

As people are strongly and patiently waiting for the match to begin, there many things to be expected.

Meanwhile, while the two clubs battle for the UCL title, the former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has expressed his worst fears.

“Because they have three central defenders closer [to each other and two holding midfielders who correlate to each other.

“[In the structure] the five players [back three and two midfielders] and two [inside forwards] are so close.

“The distances [between them] are so close, but at the same time, they are so wide with the wing-backs and so [direct] with Werner making runs in behind.

“That’s why you cannot close [them down], because they push you [up front] and [wide], and have good players in the middle.

“That’s why it’s difficult to face them with the way they want to play with the ball.”

The threat that Werner offers with his pace often gets overlooked because of his poor goalscoring form this season. But as Guardiola pointed out, it is something that opposition teams just could not ignore.

Should I say that the fear of Werner is the beginning of the possibility of Chelsea winning the Champions League.

Let’s keep our hands crossed as we patiently wait for today’s history breaking football match.

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