How to tell stories that are captivating

Telling a story has never been easy for some people while to some it is an ice-cream.

Coming up with a story that people would want to listen to is never easy because lots of efforts are put in to achieve it.

Interestingly, telling stories can be made simple depending on the story teller.

Stories can be fictional or nonfictional.

When a story is fictional it means that everything about it is not true and when it is untrue it becomes nonfictional.

Though there are some stories that contain parts of truth and untrue such kind I call the TRUE-FICTIONAL stories.

Hoe to tell captivating Stories

Who can tell a story?

Any person irrespective of age, size, gender can tell a story.

Every day has a story that is the reason why anyone can tell a story.


Like today, before writing this post, something happened.

While I was trying to warm the rice I prepared in the morning.

The burner of my gas cooker was gradually loosening.

Unknown to me that while stirring the rice in the pot, the burner of the gas was uncorking.

The next thing I heard and saw was boom, fire rounded the nub of the gas cooker.

My roommate ran for his life while I rushed to turn it off.

The fire was still coming out until I forcefully turned the burner clockwise. It sealed the opening of the gas and that was how the fire quenched.

Thanks to God I was able to stop the fire.

If not, there is a great possibility that I wouldn’t be writing today’s post. Or maybe the story would have bore a sad headline.

Thanks to God the story was told the way it was.

About who can tell a story, the truth is any person can tell a story because they are faced with one challenge or the other.



The kind of story you should write

It totally depends on you. The kind of story to write is a question you have to answer by yourself.

The question is, what kind of story do you want to write?

Do you want to write a true life or fictional stories?

Who should be your audience and so on and so forth.

How to get story ideas

Story ideas can either be fictional or nonfictional.

If it is nonfictional it means that you are writing about something you experienced or about someone’s life.

If it is fictional, it therefore means a story produced from your imagination.


A true-fictional story as added by me, is a combination of real life experience and products of your imagination.

Places or areas you can get story ideas include; conversation with people, in places like; church, library, school, etc.

Story ideas can just pop up from any angle.

It is really advisable that you always have with you a small portable book and pen. This will enable you to jot down ideas when they strike.

Talented storytellers VS gifted storytellers

There is a great difference between these set of story writers.

Irrespective of the fact that they both can tell very interesting stories, the difference between them is that talented storytellers can tell stories using any available topic without stress. While gifted storytellers would task their brains for sometime before coming up with an idea.

A talented storyteller on the course of telling the story keeps it in flow as if he had told the story before. While the gifted are not as good as a talented storyteller.

Though it is very important for a talented storyteller to put effort into learning the trending ways of telling stories.


If he doesn’t, he will be locked down to outdated ways of telling stories.

If telling stories is not your talent there is no need to fear.

You can still make a wave even with the story that took you years to construct.

Best time to construct story ideas

Like I said, story ideas can hit at any time.

If maybe you don’t want to wait when the ideas will start popping in, then the best time is midnight.

Midnight is usually the time when it is expected that all activities must have drastically reduced.

Begin to imagine some certain things and that is how the story is coming.

To some of the stories I’ve written especially, ‘TEARS OF THE PYTHON QUEEN” was created in my village at around 2am.

The story is a true-fictional story because it contains the true tradition once practiced in my community and ideas that never happened.

What is needed to tell a story?

If you want to venture into storytelling, then you must be ready for certain things like;

  • Time allocation: 

To write a story, you must allocate time to it.

No one is advising you to invest all your time in telling or writing a story.

Take a break when writing a story so that your brain will get refreshed and more ideas will flow in during the break.

  • Power of thinking

A good storyteller thinks greatly. Learn to think beyond what you are seeing.

A possibility of seeing an idea from a different meaning gives you the lead way to telling a story different from what is perceived. At this time, it becomes a fictional story. lol.

  • Ready to go crazy

Good storytellers are sometimes seen talking to themselves.

Though some of these actions are done unconsciously while some are done consciously.

Some people might think that you are going crazy but only you know what you are doing.


Until you tell them that you are creating a story they will never stop to believe that you are going crazy.

But too much of everything is very bad. So I will advise you to apply caution when doing this to avoid being crazy truly. Lol. Just kidding.

  • Face critiques

Also be ready to face criticisms. There are people who lack ways to appreciate people and also offer constructive criticisms.

From the stories you have told they will baa you so greatly that you will feel discouraged.

Interestingly, these critiques can form another story idea, that is if you are a guru in the field.

From their comments try and find out where you are getting it wrong and improve in it.

How to know if your story is captivating

Now you have finished writing your first story and you want to know how captivating and interesting it could be.

Like I pointed above, from people’s comments then you will know how far your story can go.

Share your story via social media and be open to criticisms.


What kind of Stories should I start writing?

Are you making plans to start writing for social media? Then your best catch are short stories.

No person these days is ready to sit down and read very long contents.

The shorter and informative your content is, the better for you.


So if you want to write for your audience via social media then you will need to invest in writing very short stories.

Then for long stories you can prefer writing a normal novel to be sold via physical stores (books) or online via ebooks.

You can still sell short stories online (for the clarification of doubts).



Every person can tell a story irrespective of who they are.

Learn the kind of story that is best read by your audience or the type you can write about.

If possible, you can write stories in all niches but that depends on how gifted or talented you are at storytelling.

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