“See the smiles on your face. It’s like you have won a lottery. You had sex before marriage and now you are thinking that you have won a visa to Europe. My friend, go and check your health!” These were the exact words of Janet to Donald their premarital sex.

Funny right? After sleeping with Janet, these were the words Donald was greeted with. Those words directly came from his sex partner after a hot premarital sex.

If you were in the shoes of Donald what would you have done?

Premarital sex

Sex Before marriage (story)

Donald is my very good friend. In fact, we have been like brothers right from childhood.

In our adolescence, Donald has always wanted a girlfriend.

The truth is that Donald doesn’t truly need a girlfriend but rather a sex partner. He just needed a girl to satisfy his sexual urge at all times.

At all times he jumps from one girl to the other. Fortunately, his parents are very rich so he can get any girl that is interested in his family’s wealth.

My duty as a friend of Donald

What else is expected of me as a friend to a philanderer? I tried everything possible to advise him of that lifestyle.

Instead of my friend listening to me, he would rather call one of his girls to come keep me company.

When I realised the level at which this lifestyle had eaten deep in him, I decided to stay clear. The reason for that is to avoid the Igbo adage of “When a goat that doesn’t eat grass starts following a goat that eats grass someday, it will definitely eat grass”.

Well, I am not ready to start getting involved in premarital sex. I’ve heard and read many true and fictional stories about sex before marriage. I am not ready to handle such painful agonies.

Janet mocked Donald after sex

So when Donald told me about his experience with Janet, the girl he claimed he met just two days ago, I was entrapped in serious amusement.

Though I apologise for laughing but it was for a purpose. I asked him if he had made any effort to check his health status and he said no.


As a good friend which I have always been, I advised him to go to the hospital and check his health status.

Those words coming from me, increased the fear in him. He told me that he was scared as he didn’t use contraceptives (condoms) with the girl.

Even though I was trying to hold the laughter, I still encouraged him to go check himself out in the hospital

To my greatest shock, Donald knelt before me and started making promises to God. He promised to abstain from premarital sex all the days of his life if the results appeared negative.

I sensed the fear in my friend but there was nothing I could do if his worst nightmares became a reality.

I have always warned him to stay away from premarital sex but he was always adamant.

I accompanied him to the hospital where he went for a medical checkup.

While we waited patiently for the result I was already feeling sorry for my childhood friend.

Within me I have already concluded that the content of the test won’t be funny.

The doctor arrives with the test result

Donald asked me to collect the result from the doctor as he has already soaked himself in self-pity.

The doctor was even surprised to see Donald crying. He was wondering if Donald already knows the content of the lab result.

“I don’t know why you are crying but your results say you are HIV NEGATIVE”. The doctor said emphatically.

The sound of that returned Donald to the doctor’s office because it is obvious he has already left the place spiritually in communism with his Creator.

“What did you say?” He asked, sounding unsure.


The doctor repeated his words and Donald jumped up from his seat in great joy.

The happiness he exhibited there showed that someone who was at the point of death has returned to life.

He so much thanked the doctor after confirming for himself the lab results.

After checking and confirming from other medical firms that he was healthy, Donald decided to abstain from premarital sex.

He reduced his relationship with people especially with the female folks to avoid himself from falling into another temptation that he may not survive.

Avoid sex before marriage

What do you gain from premarital sex? How would you tell your children that their father or mother was the first person to see your nakedness?

I know our parents saw our nakedness when we were kids so I bet you understood where I am going.

Stay away from sex before marriage so that you can raise a healthy and God fearing family.

For those of you who thinks that sex is a way of having fun, trust me, you are deceiving yourselves.

Which would you prefer, an hour of fun and eternal destruction or total abstinence and eternal happiness?

Stay away from sex before marriage. God and society frown at it for a reason.

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