The python snakes attacked citizens of Umuchiso
Python snake

The young mother reported to the king that her six months old baby was swallowed by a python snake.

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Shock filled the whole palace as this has never been heard after 1000 years ago.

It was passed from generation to generation on how the python snakes attacked the people of Umuchiso.

Their forefathers fought back and were able to defeat the dangerous reptiles.

Professes carried the return of the python snakes but no one knew the exact time.

Some people believed it to be a fallacy and never to come to fulfillment.

King Jero was amazed when he heard about the sad news.

The heartbroken Theresa was led to her home to bear the pain of the child she lost to a python.

King Jero sent five of his well-trained soldiers to go into the forest and find this python.

He instructed them never to return until they found the snake.

Among the fearless warriors grew some atom of fear.

They are not afraid of fighting against humans but are scared of facing python snakes they know nothing about.

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It is taboo to see a python in Umuchiso and for a long time, no one can claim to have seen or know what the reptile looked like.

Citizens of Umuchiso came into existence and were shown in pictures what the horrifying snakes look like.

The five abled warriors summoned the courage to go find the deadly snake.

When they got to the farm, they searched around and noticed some rope-like creature on a part of the farm. This creature had a swollen belly with the shape of a human. It appeared to be alive but couldn’t move.

From pictures, they have seen and stories they heard about python snakes, they concluded this was the calamity that has visited their land.

One among the warriors chopped off the snake’s head and they tore the belly. Behold, there lay in it a lifeless human baby.

“It is the swollen child,” one of them said to the others.

They carried the lifeless child and the dead snake to the king and reported all that had happened.

The land is cleansed

The chief priest was invited to cleanse the land on this calamity that had befallen them.

After all his incantations and prayers to the gods, it was demanded that the only way to appease the python snakes is when the killer of the snake is killed and the king embarks on the journey of seven days into the Humala forest.

The chief priest made it clear that the king is only traveling into the Humala forest to sleep with the Queen mother of the python snakes.

“Another abomination!” One of the elders in council exclaimed.

King Jero was furious at the native doctor on why he must suggest the king slept with a snake beast.

“This is what the gods had warned me to tell you. If you don’t do this in the next three market days, hmmm I see war! I see war! I see war!” The chief priest concluded, packed his properties, and left.

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The king swore never to leave his palace in the name of venturing into any journey of having sex with any python snake.

He called upon all his warriors to get prepared as they are about to face the most deadly enemy of the kingdom.

The warriors lacked knowledge on how to face these python snakes.

“What shall we do?” they wondered to themselves.

Day 3, the python snakes attacked

The python snakes declared war on Umuchiso
The python snakes attacked

Three days later and no solution was reached for the impending danger.

At the stream, three young ladies were busy chatting while they tried to get water with their clay pots.

Immediately, a huge python snake emerged from the water.

The girls in fear threw their pots away and ran for their safety shouting.

They have never seen such a giant creature before.

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On their way back home, they met people already strangled to death by pythons.

The animals refused to swallow them to avoid reducing their attack force. What they did was to strangle every human that they came across to death and proceed to attack others.

The war is becoming messy as the king has unleashed his warriors to fight against the snakes.

At intervals, the snakes would withdraw as a way of warning the king to do what was required of him.

The king had remained resolute despite the warnings of the reptiles.

A few hours later, the sound of war was heard and was at this time very close to the palace.

When it was becoming unbearable, the palace guards smuggled the king out of the palace.

No one knew about the whereabouts of the king.

The python snakes had already occupied the king’s palace waiting for any possible attack.

The Queen mother of the deadly reptiles with the head of Medusa was seen ascending the throne of Umuchiso.

She sat on the throne while the elders were forced to kneel before her and worship her asking.

King Jero is spotted

Outside the outskirts of the kingdom of Umuchiso lies the kingdom of Kagan.

Kagan is a kingdom blessed with so many scientists and physicians.

There is no kind of sickness or problem that they don’t have the solution to.

Jero had a meeting with the king of Kpagan concerning the invasion of the python snakes in his kingdom.

It was shocking to king Jero when the king of Kpagan told him he had a solution to his problems.

After some achievable treaties were signed, the king of Kpagan sent for two of his trusted scientists.

They presented to him a SNAKE DEFENSE product. This is the only solution to fighting snakes, especially the python snakes that are ravaging his kingdom.

The king was short of words as he was expecting lots of warriors to follow him to his kingdom to fight the snake beasts.

Only ten of the SNAKE DEFENSE products were enough to wipe out the entire snakes that have been ravaging Umuchiso just in minutes.

Only ten of the Snake Defense products were enough to wipe out the entire snakes that have been ravaging Umuchiso just in minutes.

Umuchiso acquired more of the SNAKE DEFENSE as a way of getting ready for the snakes when next they strike.

To this day, Umuchiso remained a peaceful kingdom where no kind of snake ever inhabited again.

The End


This story, characters, and places used are completely fictional. Disregard every form of familiarity as all are used for entertainment.

Also, note that the use of SNAKE DEFENSE to combat snakes is real.

Let’s say that this is a way of advertising the product.

It is a tested and trusted weapon against python snakes and every other kind of snake.

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