The python of Njaba is in no doubt angry with the murderer.

Njaba is one of the local government areas in Imo state.

The area has this particular tradition that for no reason should anyone kill a python (eke).

From the time of their forefathers, the snake was seen and venerated as a god.

If anyone mistakenly kills the snake, rituals will be made to appease the gods. And also, it will be buried just like the same way humans are buried. 

That is to say, you will buy a casket (coffin), invite people for the burial, and you must also cook food just like the way it is done in a normal burial.

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As time went by, civilization started relegating the fear of the Njaba python to a state of extinction.

Irrespective of the fact that the python is gradually losing its hold on the people of Njaba axis, some people still adore it.

The anger of the mother python (the story)

The Njaba python became angry as it is ready to avenge
The Njaba python

Dry season is fast approaching and people are happy and getting ready to start farming.

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The burning of bushes took place first before the planting.

One of the nights, a Town crier was going round the community making an announcement.

It was indeed a sorrowful one for some people and a thing of joy to some people.

He (Town crier) announced that the Mother Python is angry because three of her kids were burnt alive in the never-near forest.

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It is giving the murderer seven (7) days to come to the shrine of Njaba and do the necessary rights hence, the entire community will burn.

Fear gripped so many as this kind of announcement has never been heard of before.

Some other group of people laughed at the Town crier for coming to make a humorous announcement.

People were vividly parking out of the community as the fear of the python deepens.

For some of them who didn’t believe in the supremacy of the Njaba snake, did not go anywhere.

“We will stay here and see what will happen,” they said.

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The seven days passed and nothing happened. Those who ran away as a result of fear, started returning home shamefully.

From that day henceforth, whoever that speaks nice things about the snake will be unexpectedly embarrassed.

Me saying;

It’s high time we forfeited these superstitious beliefs and start living a normal life.

Like I learnt also, sacrifices were sometimes made to appease the snake.

Well, thank God for civilization. At least some of these superstitious beliefs are gradually fading away.

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