How monkeys became gods after snakes in Izue

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 This is the story of how monkeys became gods in Izue kingdom after snakes were banished.

Izue must choose between the monkeys or the snake beasts else their calamity will continue to grow.

I must warn you. This story you are about reading might drag your emotions. Feel free to browse our other stories now or continue reading if you think you can handle it.

The people have gathered at the king’s palace to demonstrate how unhappy they are as their children keep on dying on a daily basis.

The snake beasts which they reverend and worshipped as gods have turned against them.

A consultation with the gods arrived with two options. Either they accept to worship monkeys or continue to have python as their god.

The people of Izue had no option but to choose monkeys to be their new gods.

Rituals were therefore made to completely chase snakes out of the kingdom.

Snakes were declared enemies of the kingdom and anyone can kill it whenever and wherever they see one.

Meanwhile, before this time, snakes especially pythons were so much honoured.

No one can kill them without giving them their full burial rites.

People can sleep in the same room with pythons without being scared.

Cause of the deadly hatred for snakes

It happened on a particular night when one of the pythons entered a teenagers hut.

The child was fast at sleep and this snake crawled through her legs straight into her vagina.

The child woke up as it noticed some disturbance in her stomach.

Few seconds later she began to feel pain in-between her thighs.

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The snake crawled out gradually and she screamed at the sight.

Her parents rushed to check what was wrong with their daughter and behold they met the ugly scene as the snake was gradually descending from the girl’s vagina.

Her mother fainted and the father was confused as he did not know the person to hold or console first.

Within a few seconds, the teenage girl began to feel rumbling in her stomach.

Before anyone could know what was going on, the hatched snake eggs were already finding their way through the girl’s stomach and other parts of her body.

The python that laid the eggs in her stomach was still there trying to protect her babies from invaders.

While she moved out through the door with her new babies unharmed, the teenager gave up the ghost.

Her mother who fainted did not recover from the unconsciousness. She died from there.

Her father reported the evil that had befallen his family to the king but his case was looked down upon.

The community only took him seriously when more than five people complained about the same issue.

The demonstration that made the king to step in to the clarion call of the Izue people became necessary.

Monkeys became gods in Izue

Making monkeys gods of the kingdom
Monkeys became gods in Izue

Monkeys were officially recognised as gods in Izue kingdom and anywhere any snake is found, war is declared against it.

Monkeys were so muchly respected and sacrifices offered to them on a daily basis.

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A particular forest was reserved for them and no one dares to enter the forest or else you want to commit suicide.

The monkeys became sacred objects that were so much adored.

Their appearance in man’s habitat depicted that something evil is about to happen and rituals must be made to avert it.

Years later, the monkeys began to multiply in greater numbers to the extent that the reserved forest was no longer conducive for them.

They gradually started relocating to people’s farms.

And any woman or girl caught in the farm will be raped and killed by the monkeys.

For men, they (monkeys) gathered in their numbers and beat life out of him.

The god of gods has refused to answer the cries of Izue people as these monkeys are now worse than the discarded snakes.

The Izue kingdom was ravaged by monkeys of different sorts and there was no hope for them again.

On a very good day, a traveler who was identified as a stranger wandered into the Izue kingdom with his gun.

People saw him as a spirit from the unknown.

He was clothed in a regalia that is alien to them.

They seemed not to understand what he was saying but a sense of hope came to them when he fired at a charging monkey.

The whole environment was calm as to the sound of the gunshot.

The people saw the attacking monkey dead on the ground while others (monkeys) fled for their lives.

They took the stranger to their king and ensured they stayed steps away from him.

Unfortunately his language was never understood by the king and the villagers around but his demonstration made the king believe that he came for peace.

He is a Biafran soldier who lost his way during the Biafran war and found himself in the uncivilised Izue kingdom.

His days with them, he came to understand that monkeys were what the people worshiped and now turned out to become their worst nightmares.

He led the warriors into ambushing the monkeys and also dislodging them.

The monkeys’ lost hold in Izue kingdom was with the help of the Biafran soldier.

He was directed to where he could find his way back to wherever he was coming from.

They gave him enough to lead him to his destination.

Months later, the soldier returned with lots of his kind, and they brought about civilization to Izue.

The Izue kingdom is now a kingdom that believes in the existence of one true God the maker of Heaven and Earth.

The End.

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