Iheanacho and Ndidi proved they are saboteurs

Iheanacho and Ndidi showing off Nigeria flag, Ndidi and Iheanacho wins and shows off Nigeria flag, Leicester FC wins Chelsea to life the FA cup

As the struggle for the emancipation of Biafra is heating up, Iheanacho and Ndidi are proving they are saboteurs.

Kelechi Iheanacho and Wilfred Ndidi are two Super Eagles’ players from the Igbo extraction.


They attracted so much hatred from their fans after lifting Nigerian flag on the FA cup finals.

Iheanacho and Ndidi are talented Igbo born footballers currently playing at the big English club, Leicester FC.

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The people of the South East in Nigeria are crying over the military invasion they are suffering. Not just that, the region have also suffered lots of neglects from the Nigerian government.

The Biafran people have always prayed for freedom from Nigeria, but instead of Iheanacho and Ndidi to support this movement, they went further to prove their hippocrates.


Showing off the Nigerian flag is a way of proving to the world that they are not in support of their people’s freedom.

Indirectly, the two talented footballers are saying that “we are fine with the condition of our people”.

Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB have however slammed the two players.

According to Kanu he said that Iheanacho and Ndidi bears in them the spirit of saboteurs.

Instead of supporting the freedom of their people they are rather pressing forward for the continuous destruction of their people.

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For Iheanacho and Ndidi to fully gain their people’s trust again, it is advisable they make public apology for showing off the Nigerian flag after winning Chelsea.


Irrespective of the fact that no one is against anyone for indicating their love for what they believe in, the lives of Biafrans is very important to mankind and to God. Iheanacho and Ndidi are advised to make public apology for what they have done.

While we wish them in their international footballs, we also ask them to remember that their people back home deserve better live just like the foreign countries.

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