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Fear of losing my job cost me my happiness

Losing my job is one thing that I can never try now. But I must sacrifice it because I believe it is the right thing to do.

Though I love my job, because of it I’ve lost my respect and loyalty.

I was afraid of losing my job since it is my only source of livelihood.

What really happened with my job

After graduation, I sought a job for more than five years. Within these years of not finding any, I’ve been suffering and eating from hand to mouth.

Though I had a girlfriend who has been helping me irrespective of my inability to make money.

She sometimes prepares food for me from her house so that I wouldn’t die of hunger.

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On many occasions I tried to refuse her food but it seems I am triggering a burning fire on her each time I tried to reject her food.

I so much believe that she loved me not until the very day she visited my office unannounced.

Finally found a job

I finally got a job through the help of a friend. Tony and I were very good friends back in the day at the university. After graduation we never saw each other again until after five years.

He was buying some foodstuffs for his family when he saw me hawking sachet water (pure water).

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He was the first to call me by name and when I turned to see who called my name like that, behold it was Tony Ambrose.

The joy that exploded from my heart was something else. People at the market were surprised at the way we hugged each other.

We walked to his car and he told me how he would want me to stop hawking sachet water.

As if he was in my mind. If I had a job what would a whole graduate with second class upper like me be hawking sachet water for?

Should I say that that day brought to an end the issue of my suffering.

He introduced me to one of his friends who has a large wares company.

Without any waste of time after going through my documents, he gave me the job.

I was working as the assistant deputy director but I preferred working directly with the main staff instead of supervising their activities alone.

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My first month’s salary, I spent it on my girlfriend as she has been a mother, a sister and a wife altogether all these years.

She has visited me at the office a couple of times and indeed it has been a sure moment to remember.

I took permission to not come to work on Monday due to my health issues.

Later that Monday, I was getting better so I decided to go back to work. I am so okay with my job that I don’t mind even working both on Saturdays and on Sundays.

I was to report an issue to my boss about the technical department and behold when I knocked and opened the door, my eyes saw my ears.

My boss was in a very hot romance with my girlfriend.

In the first five seconds I was tasking my brain to ascertain whether I was dreaming or it was a reality.

It turned out to be a reality. How can this be possible? A woman that has been with me through thick and thin? A woman that meant the world to me? What happened?

I was unable to provide any reasonable answer to myself.

Tears never stopped rolling down my cheeks. I was so bittered as I laid back on my seat in my office.

Am sorry but I have to go

The memories this job has brought will definitely hurt me for the rest of my life.

A heartbreak that can never be repaired. I love Helen so much and why she did this to me is something I couldn’t imagine.

I left the office that very day and that was the last time anyone ever saw or heard from me again.

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How my new job cost me my happiness