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Teacher helping students by making new school uniforms for them
Teacher helping students by making new school uniforms for them

A teacher was spotted helping her poor students by sewing new school uniforms for them.

We must not always wait for the federal government to do everything for us.


The young lady as shared by instablog was newly sent to the school.

At the time she was given a class, she noticed that the students in her class had already worn out school uniforms.

They did not have enough books and pens for their studies.

After a few weeks as a classroom teacher, she took it upon herself to make them new school uniforms.

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Instablog related that she did not only stop at providing new school uniforms she also got them some writing materials.


Helping her students get the necessary materials for effective teaching and learning went a long way in putting smiles on their faces.

She was said to have noticed that the majority of her students came from a poor family background.

On a very good day, she entered the school with her sewing machine and the school uniforms to be sewed.

She took permission from the school authority to allow her to sew the school uniforms even during school hours.

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Without wasting time, the school gave her the permission to do so.


The young teacher took the measurements of all her students with worn out clothes and began to sew.

In a few days she single handedly made fine new school uniforms for her students free of charge.

While she distributed these uniforms she also gave out writing materials to the children.


Must we always wait for the government before we can help our students?

I understand that a good number of our teachers went into the teaching profession not because they love teaching but because of the money involved.

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Though arguably, teaching in Nigeria is never a paying profession.

I guess it is one of the major reasons why teachers don’t give their best in the field.


Irrespective of the setbacks faced by the Nigerian teaching profession, teachers should still do the needful.

Teachers are builders of tomorrow’s leaders.

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The future of our society is solely based on what we teach or what the learners learn from their teachers.

If you don’t have money to support your students financially, then your moral support is greatly needed.

Teachers are not supposed to offer financial support to their learners except where it becomes necessary.

We should learn from this new teacher on how she showed her love for her students by providing them new school uniforms.

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Let’s learn to help our students because their tomorrow solely depends on what they learn today.


That teacher whose name was not revealed at the time of writing this post, deserves an accolade.

Whether she is rich or not, she deserves accolades because it’s never easy.

Tell me why the students will not love her for this single act?

In conclusion, you must not be a rich teacher before you can express your care for your students.

Love them and do what is expected of you as a teacher.

By dutifully carrying out your responsibilities as a teacher gives room for a better atmosphere between the teacher and the learners.

Learn what your students are lacking and find ways to seal it up.

Let’s talk more about this post. Share your views via the comments section below.

She helped her students by making new school uniforms for them and buying them writing materials
She did not only see new school uniforms she also bought them writing materials

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