Champions League final: what to expect

 The long awaited day is here as the two giants of England battles for the Champions League title.

Chelsea is taking on City on the 29th of May. Today determines the rightful owners of the Champions League.

UCL has always been a great cup which all players aspire to win during their football career. European coaches also are not left out on this note.

Chelsea has won the cup once under Di Matteo and now are hoping to win it again for the second time. Manchester city on the other hand is reaching the champions league final for the first time in their history.

Thomas Tuchel who is the current manager of Chelsea FC would not give way for Pep Guardiola who won the title a couple of times in FC Barcelona.

Pep Guardiola who is currently incharge of Manchester city is still seeing no reason why he shouldn’t win the UCL to add to his glory as a coach.

It will also be great to remind us that during the coaching career of Tuchel he has never won the Champions League title. Though he has reached the finals but never got lucky to be crowned the title.

Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester city

What to expect in the UCL final

Chelsea will fight hard to see to it that they win this champions league finals and the same is also applicable to Manchester city.

As expected, fans are getting ready and patiently waiting for the Champions League final.

Irrespective of the sit-at-home order imposed by the IPOB leadership on that day, I don’t think it can still stop anyone from watching the finals.

Chelsea fans believe that from their performances so far from their previous games, the UCL will definitely be theirs to win.

The fans should be expecting a tough match. There is a great tendency that this match will end the same way Manchester United and Villarreal ended.

To some groups of people, if the match doesn’t end in a penalty shootout then one team will definitely win with a 1-0 victory.

The heat of the Champions League is increasing by the minute, tell us your view and whom you support to win the league.

You are also free to share with us why you think that among Chelsea and Manchester city one of them would lose the match. That is to say, why do you think that Chelsea or Manchester city will lose the match?

Share your response via the comments section below.

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